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As I mentioned in our previous post ‘Monkey is 7 Months Old‘ one of Monkey’s favourite times of the day is Bath time. It’s also one of my favourite times too, most nights I try to join M in his bath to splash and play.

When M was tiny and new, I dreaded bath time. Holding a small tiny baby in the bath whilst trying to wash them can be scary and I was always worried he’d slip out of my arms so I took to getting in the bath with him. As he grew and was able to hold his own head and eventually body up, bath time became super fun. We slowly introduced toys that M could hold whilst the ‘washing’ was done and I loved to see the way he interacted with each toy as the weeks passed.

M’s favourites toys to play with in the bath are stacking cups, some loop links and a bath book. The bath book and links are great teething toys and the cups are fab for washing and creating lots of mess. One of our favourite games we play is where I try no stack the cups on the side of the bath before M knocks them off, he’s very good at the game and I’ve not managed to complete the stack.

Now that M is becoming more mobile his favourite trick to show off is standing in the bath. Our bath has two handles in it to help you get out, only M sees them as tools to help him give you mini heart attacks. The first time he stood he decided he was confident enough to let go and, splash, he ended up on his bottom after creating a tidal wave.

The sad part of bath time comes when it’s time to get out, M hates this part and let’s us know this incredibly loudly. But this passes quickly once mummy starts blowing raspberries on his tummy.

Does your little one enjoy bath time?


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  1. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    Bath time is a firm favourite in this house too. Both my kids are total water babies!
    And it’s my favourite too, because I just love watching them so happy and having fun together. x

  2. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    Both of my little ladies enjoy bathtime, Mads has a bath every night but at the moment LL only has one every few days. We will no doubt introduce it into her routine in a couple of weeks time when we start one! x

  3. Markus Reply

    Our two boys absolutely love Bath time, they have seriously taken to having tantrums when they have to come out the bath!

  4. victoria Reply

    Rio loves bath time, he’s got a little seat that can swivel round so he can reach all his toys as they float away. He likes his number octopus thingy :s but generally just kicking his legs and soakin mummy 🙂

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