Beach Bank Holiday

Well I didn’t think we could beat the first Bank Holiday in May, as the weather was STUNNING! But seriously, we were spoiled for a second time with even hotter weather than the first.

With thunderstorms predicted for the afternoon, we woke, dressed as quickly as possible and packed the car for the beach. Luckily we only live 20 minutes from one of the most beautiful beaches in Dorset, so we weren’t worried about getting stuck in endless Bank Holiday traffic.

Bank Holiday Beach ring

beach digging

As we pulled into the car park it was very obvious that several hundred other people had the same idea as us. But thankfully as we’d got up and dressed early we were pleased to locate a space quite speedily. We were out of the car and onto the beach in record time, clutching possibly the least amount of beach day accessories we’ve ever visited with.

two moms beach smiles

Beach games Bank Holiday

As M grows we seem to pack less and less for days out as we find it too much of a hassle to lug mountains of things and a small boy to various locations. As strong as M is he isn’t quite at picnic cooler carrying or beach bag holding status. We’ve also managed to accumulate the right amount of items to make our beach trip rather awesome. Our trip to Lanzarote last year, provided us with an awesome orange rubber ring, a collab with The Brug┬áhas given us our must use rug for our sunbathing needs and our rather fab Toucan was the result of a random trip to Primark one evening.

Beach Mummy Bank Holiday

Beach Mama Bank Holiday

Beach Bank Holiday

The beach was already buzzing with sunbathers and the excited screams of children braving the freezing cold sea. We found a great little spot just in front of the life guard tower and got straight to slathering ourselves in sun cream.

With the temperature soaring M and I decided to head into the freezing water. Last year M was super nervous about entering the sea, but after a trip to Cornwall he developed a new level of confidence with his swimming. It was like watching a different child swimming in the sea. He was so confident with his swimming that I had to get him to swim back into shore as my own confidence in the water and my ability to rescue him if he went too far was not that great.

Beach ring sea

Beach splash Bank Holiday

Splash sea beach

We enjoyed taking turns between swimming in the water to cool down, with frisbee throwing on the beach. After an hour sunning ourselves, Clara surprised us with some ice creams to cool us down. It really felt like the most perfect way to spend a hot sunny Bank Holiday.

Frisbee Beach Bank Holiday

flying on beach

Family beach smiles

Catch Beach Bank Holiday

big beach smiles Bank Holiday

With our car park ticket running out, my skin going slightly pink and M being ready to get some shade, it was soon time to head home. Thankfully the predicted thunderstorms never arrived, so M and Clara spend the afternoon having a water fight in the garden.

It was the perfect end to our Bank Holiday weekend and a bonus to have two great Bank holidays in one month.


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  1. Kay Reply

    What great photos! Looks like you had a great time and love the rubber rings on a British Beach

    Kay xx

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