Beach bums

As soon as we moved to Dorset we fell in love with the beach. We visited when the sun was shining and the beach was full and we visited with our dinner as the sun was setting. If we needed to escape our little flat we packed up the car and drove to the beach to walk across the sand and dip out toes in the sea.

When C was pregnant we talked about our plans to raise a little beach lover. A child that loved to spend time at the beach and got involved with water sports. We’d watch the surfers and imagine our future child catching the waves with them.

Eventually when it came to M’s first experience on the beach, he hated it. Sand caused him to cry and our time spent on the beach during his first year was reduced. So as the weather brightened this month, we decided to give the beach another shot at impressing our son. It was a success, our dreams of M growing into a little beach lover can still be fulfilled if it’s what he chooses. We would love his adventurous streak to grow in whichever direction pleases him.

Now we know he doesn’t hate the beach we will be spending a lot more time there this year. We still have to introduce him to dinner on the beach as the sun sets, we may even stretch to a beach BBQ.


This months photos were taken using my fab remote C got me for my birthday. M was so curious about the camera going off on it’s own that he decided to investigate half way through taking photos. I loved the outtake it provided.


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  1. Clarina85 Reply

    Can’t go wrong with a beach shot! Your boy is getting so grown up!! #MeandMine

  2. Lauren Reply

    These are my favourite EVER. The first one really shows how much M has turned into a little boy and can now pose by himself and understand how to copy you.
    I love it. Definitely one for the wall xx

  3. PhotoPuddle Reply

    I love the beach. It must be so nice to be able to have picnic tea on the beach whenever you like.
    Investigating Dorset’s beaches definitely is on my to do list. I have seen some gorgeous pictures of beach huts at Christchurch and I now neeeeed to go there!

  4. Emily Beale Reply

    The Dorset beaches are some of our favourite too! Love that your little man has overcome his fear of the sand. I also think the outtake is super cute! #Me&Mine

  5. Mummyconstant Reply

    great photos. Love the title of the post too 🙂 I love the beach, it is no great secret. He is soo cute, I love that he is OK on the sand now too 🙂 x

  6. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    That first shot is amazing, you all look so happy! Definitely seems like M is a beach monkey! x

  7. Becky Arber Reply

    These are beautiful shots!! I love the beach, I hope Holly grows up to be a beach lover too. You can’t beat a trip to the beach!

  8. Let's Talk Mommy Reply

    Ahhh love your family beach photos. So cute. Looks like a beautiful day too to take them!!! Wish we lived nearer the beach. So much fun with kids. #me&mine

  9. A Mum in London Reply

    Wow, superb summery photos!
    I’ve been wanting to take the Toddler to Dorset for a while. I think we’ll be heading there this Bank holiday.
    Congrats on your BIBs shortlist, glad to have found your blog 🙂

  10. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure Reply

    Gorgeous photos and I definitely need to get us all to the beach for one of our me and mine’s. I am hoping mine grow into beach lovers as I am sure I will be taking them enough this summer!

  11. Ben Reply

    Well I’m not jealous at all of your day on the beach! Fab photo, I have one of Matilda’s first experience on the beach and her face is just a picture.

  12. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought Reply

    What gorgeous photos! We moved to be closer to the beach for the exact same reasons; I would love my two to become little surfers but I’m not sure Southport is really surfing territory!! I really like your candid shot too 🙂 #meandmine

  13. Cariemay Reply

    Beach suppers are wonderful – though the prize has to go to beach breakfasts – my Mum used to take our camping stove and we’d all go for a swim while she made bacon buttes – the best of times!! I’m glad M has decided he likes the beach because they are stunning pictures!

  14. lisa H Reply

    He is so gorgeous! Lovely photo, and the remote sounds like a must-have! x

  15. Capture by Lucy Reply

    Love the bottom of the cross shots in the video! Laying on the sand such a joy!

  16. SAHMlovingit Reply

    Love this – especially the outtake haha! Can you get M to have a word with TC? He is two now and still hates the beach. Well, he loves digging in the sand but won’t have his shoes off and won’t sit on the beach (only on a mat). Even though his big sister loves it and runs around shoe free and rolling in it.
    By the way, so sorry I’m late commenting – been a busy old month! x

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