Bean Bag Bazaar Armchair – Review

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a lovely family owned company who asked us whether we would be interested in reviewing a bean bag for our home. Now, I don’t know if this is just me, but when someone says Bean Bag Chair I get quite excited. So here is our review of the Bean Bag Bazaar – ICON Oria Bean Bag Armchair.

Since moving into our new home, we’ve been on the lookout for a chair which Monkey could claim as his own for our living room. Although the sofa is great, those of us with kids in our life will know, they like to move around, a lot, and often the sofa is very impractical for them, being immobile and all. I think we are yet to get through an entire film where M has sat in one place. So the chair needed to be appealing to a six-year-old and easy to move, yet practical and in keeping with our home, so nothing too garish! Which is why I got a little or possibly too excited when the ICON Oria Bean Bag Armchair arrived and it didn’t take long for Monkey to live up to his name and put it through its paces.

Bean Bag teal

Which are all very modern colours which would easily fit in nicely within a contemporary home, which these days is very popular. At first we though mustard might have been the best colour for us, however, we put our practical parenting heads on and decided to steer towards a darker colour and chose Teal. The pictures on the website really do the bean bag justice and we weren’t disappointed. We have a lot of blue tones in our living room and it fits in very nicely. Monkey also loves the colour, which is great.

M has really given this bean bag armchair a battering over the weeks since we first received it, jumping onto it (often from the sofa), laying on it from all different angles and even using it as part of an obstacle course when the floor is lava! And although we keep reminding him that Bean Bag chairs can easily burst and to take more care of it, I really can’t see it breaking anytime soon. The material is excellent quality and you can both see and feel that when you sit down in it. The seams are double stitched for strength and they are also double zipped. I don’t think M’s flying ninja blast jump is any match for this chair!

Teal Bean bag

Of course, Kirsty, myself and even the dog try to snatch it up as much as we can when M has gone to bed. It’s extremely comfortable to sit in and just moulds around you, so much so that K has now commandeered the bean bag as a gaming chair.

Dog on a bean bag

The only few criticisms I have with the ICON Oria Bean Bag Armchair is the design of the top section when you sit into it, it will often lunge forward and it takes a few minutes to get it into a position that is comfortable. This top part of the chair also flops over when not in use and doesn’t look too great but with a bit of plumping and manoeuvring is ok.

bean bag

That being said, I really like this bean bag armchair and enjoy having it in the living room. It’s just the right size for the entire family (not all at once) and we all enjoy using it. The Bean Bag Armchair has been sat on every single day that we’ve been home since being in the living room.

Puppy on the bean bag

The ICON Oria Bean Bag Armchair retails between £69.99 and £89.99 which would be a little bit out of our price range if we were to buy one, however, for a well-made, durable family armchair, that is weather resistant and can be used outside, I think the price is very reasonable. I would most certainly recommend this product.

We were gifted this product for the purpose of this review, all opinions are our own.

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