Bean to Cup coffee machine – Beko Review

Ever since I started drinking coffee I have preferred a richer smoother taste beans give you, rather than a cup of instant granules. I’ve never had the patience to brew coffee or use filters or cafetieres, so I was very pleased when Beko got in touch to ask if we’d like to try their Bean to Cup coffee machine.

Something that has always stopped me from buying a bean to cup coffee machine sooner, is the fear that I won’t know how to operate it or keep it clean. The Beko Bean to Cup coffee machine is almost ready to go the moment you take it out the box. I’ll be honest, you do need to read the instruction book fully to help you complete the full setup. But that didn’t take me long and meant I knew exactly how everything worked.

Bean to cup coffee machine

We had friends round for dinner on my first attempt at making a coffee using the machine. So they very kindly sampled my first ever bean to cup coffee. Except I may have misread a couple of instructions and managed to serve our friend a cup with 4 scoops of coffee beans in it. Luckily she is a huge coffee fan so she didn’t hold it against me.

Beko coffee machine

coffee beans

bean to cup coffee machine water tray

After a few practice runs I was making the smoothest cup of coffee I have ever drank outside of a barista run coffee shop. I was so impressed with the ease at which someone like me with no experience, could make a decent cup of coffee.

coffee cup

The bean to cup coffee machine comes with an internal bean grinder as well as an internal milk frother which draws milk from an external container and heats it internally to offer delicious frothy milk to top your cappuccino or lattes. With the touch of a button you can adjust the strength of your coffee and also the size of coffee you want to drink.

Beko have thought of everything as they’ve also integrated automated cleaning programmes to help you save time by rinsing and descaling the machine as well as cleaning the milk frother. This was always something that put me off purchasing a coffee machine as I always worried I wouldn’t be able to clean the machine without it being too complicated.

Beko Bean to cup coffee machine

If you’re looking for a coffee machine that is easy to operate (once you’ve read the instructions) and is easy to maintain, then I highly recommend the Beko Bean to cup coffee machine.

We were sent the Beko Bean to Cup coffee machine for the purpose of review.

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  1. Chris Reply

    I’ve just got this machine, and am learning how to use it. My first few cups have been a bit thin, but I think that is down to the beans I’m using.

    I see you have Taylors Rich Italian beans in the picture. Is this what you would recommend; have you tried any other beans that you think are good?

    Just looking for suggestions to short-cut my learning curve!



  2. Richard Clarke Reply

    How are you getting on with this machine folks I’ve just bought it but wanna know the best settings?

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