Beano celebrates its 75th anniversary

I’ve been a Beano fan since I was very small. Each week my parents bought me a Beano magazine and every Christmas I received a Beano Annual in my Beano sack. I had a Beano duvet set, school bag, pencil-case, mugs, t-shirts and many more items to show my love. When I heard the news that Beano was celebrating its 75th Anniversary, I just knew I had to get involved. My Beano sack had already been removed from the loft so that we could start filling it with presents to take round to my parents on Christmas Eve. It doesn’t look bad considering it is approximately 20 years old.

Beano Christmas Sack

Beano & Dandy annual

Reading the Beano was my little escape. Each Thursday I sat on the sofa and read my copy from front to back. My favourite characters were Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger and of course Dennis and Gnasher. A few years ago my mum treated me to the special annual pictured above. Which brought back many fun memories. So when this years annual arrived in the post I was really happy to give it a read.

Beano Annual 2014

The Beano is one of those cartoons that appeals to all ages. When we visited my family for a Christmas party a few weeks ago, my dad and niece sat reading it together. It’s a timeless classic that I can see myself introducing our little man to as soon as he can read. This year’s annual features the usual crew and also a few new additions I wasn’t familiar with, but they fit well with the rest of the team. I also loved the groan worthy joke pages and fun prank suggestions. It’s something most 6 – 106 year olds would love. I don’t think I will ever outgrow the Beano, in fact I might continue collecting the annuals for M to have when he grows up.

Beano annual inside


The Beano 2014 Annual is available in all good book stores RRP £7.99.

*We were sent the annual for review, all nostalgia is my own.

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