Beatrix New York Case For Tablet Review

If you are regular readers you may have noticed I am a bit of a gadget lover as expressed on my very gadget wishlist. Our family in general are big tech users and we share two kindles and a tablet. Before our little man came along we went for brightly coloured fashion style covers for all our tech which didn’t really offer much in the way of protection. We were aware of large unattractive bulky cases to protect our gadgets but weren’t really fans. So when we became aware of Beatrix New York cases we realised we could have the best of both worlds.

Beatrix iPad Covers

The fab Beatrix cases feature padding, velvet lining and water resistant protection which make them pretty kid proof, which is something we look for most since our little man came along. They are also PVC free, Phthalate free, BPA free, lead free & BPA free. The cases also feature a range of funky characters. I am a bit of a robot fan, so went for Pixel the Robot and M likes George from Peppa pig who has a dinosaur so Percival the Dinosaur was perfect for him.

Robot Detail Beatrix iPad Cover

Robot Beatrix iPad cover

The first thing I noticed was how robust the cases felt for something so light. Our iPad was able to fit inside the case smoothly and I felt confident it would protect our precious tablet whilst travelling. We are taking our iPad on holiday for the first time, in a few days so these cases will come in very handy.

Zipper Beatrix iPad cover

The Zipper on the cases is very easy for little hands to master and isn’t fiddly at all. I also liked the rubber grips at the end of the zipper as this made it much easier to use.  My only issue was I had to remove our current (Permanent) cover to place within the case. But as these are designed as cases, it is to be expected really.  But I loved how I could fit our kindles inside the cases, as I am always worried they are going to get damaged when we have them in our rucksacks.

Soft inside Beatrix cover

Beatrix name badge

The addition of a name tag on the back of the cases is great, especially if travelling. I am going to make sure I fill these in before they leave the house.

Kindle in Beatrix iPad Cover

Dino Beatrix iPad Cover

A selection of Beatrix New York Cases are available from John Lewis for £29.95, these would be the perfect funky cover for any tablet or eReader up 10.1″.


*We were sent two cases for the purpose of this review. All views are our own.

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