Beau’s introduction to Moors Valley Park

This weekend Beau had his first introduction to Moors Valley Park. If you are regular readers you will know that Moors Valley Park is one of our favourite places to visit. There is so much to do there that we can easily find something different to do each time we visit.

Goape measure

With Beau now being fully vaccinated and enjoying time off the lead, we decided he would love Moors Valley just as much as us. Except, we hadn’t accounted for the fact he was still a very excited puppy that just wants to play. So after a small incident where he encountered a child petrified of dogs (no children or dogs harmed), we popped him back on the lead for the rest of our walk.

Climbing High Moors Valley park

Go Ape measure

climbing moors park

Standing on a beam

big smiles

Jump Moors Valley

Whilst at Moors Valley park we also got to experience how much M has grown since our last visit. He’s climbing higher than he ever climbed, has much more independence and his confidence is growing every minute. I love that he is such an adventure seeker and enjoys the outdoors as much as us. Don’t get me wrong, he’d probably sit in front of Netflix all day if we didn’t limit it, but once outdoors he is a wild child.

Big smiles captured

My two mums family


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  1. Clare Mansell Reply

    I saw that photo of Beau and the height chart on instagram (or Facebook?) a few days ago and it still makes me laugh. So glad you are loving dog ownership, it’s such a social skill for kids to grow up with animals too…

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