Beaver Scout Harry Potter Sleepover

When I became a Beaver Scout Leader I mentioned to my fellow leaders that if I was to plan a Beaver Scout sleepover it would have a Harry Potter theme. I spent ages pinning ideas on Pinterest, discussing games with my Assistant Leader and had high hopes that our Harry Potter Sleepover would be rather epic.

By chance, this year I was offered the opportunity to plan and run a sleepover to earn my Indoor Nights Away permit, which meant I got to organise and put on a Harry Potter Sleepover with all the ideas we’d been planning.

It was also M’s first opportunity to attend a Beaver Scout sleepover, which would earn him his first staged Nights Away badge and part of his Challenge badges. This made for a very excited, somewhat nervous boy in the few days running up to the sleepover. I spent weeks painting and crafting various things to decorate the hut to make it look like Hogwarts and then Snow Day came and got our sleepover cancelled.

But all was not lost, we rescheduled for two weeks later and the sleepover went off as well as I had hoped, if not better. We even ended up waking to another Snow Day (everyone thinks I am snow jinxed).

Harry Potter Beaver kit

Harry Potter sleepover Beaver

The sleepover began with some cakes sorting the Beavers into houses (they chose a cake and a letter underneath the cake case corresponded to a house). They then chose wands, ate lunch and then the fun began. I decided the programme of the day would include classes they would all rotate round. We had Herbology (grass heads), Transfiguration (animal mask colouring), Potions (mini lava lamp style creations) and a visit to Honeydukes (chocolate broomsticks and Bertie Botts box building, which I filled with jelly beans whilst they slept).

Harry Potter Notice Board

Harry Potter House points

We then split them into two groups where half took Muggle Studies (designing their own Harry Potter book cover) and a game of Quidditch Pong. The Quidditch Pong was a huge hit and allowed me to see how competitive M was. Each time the Beavers got the ball in a cup they won a chocolate Gringotts coin. It was great to see them shouting with encouragement for each other.

Harry Potter Potion

Harry Potter Potions

Soon it was dinner time, which Clara very kindly came down to the hut to help prep and serve. Then it was outdoors for a Wide Game and some toasted marshmallows round the fire. M joined me up front for a couple of Camp Fire songs which was great as he’s usually a little shy.

Harry Potter Transfiguration

Bed time saw the Beavers building a den to sleep beneath and the majority of them were fast asleep by ten. I think I got a max of three and a half hours sleep throughout the night as I was anxious about one of the Beavers waking, but in all they did really well.

When the Beavers woke, whispers started to spread through the dens about how it was snowing. A quick breakfast and sorting of kit and soon all the Beavers were in their wellies and outside for an epic snow ball fight. It really was the perfect end to my first sleepover. It certainly won’t be one I’ll forget.

Harry Potter snow smiles with M

Harry Potter Snow day

Harry Potter snow day smiles

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