Bed rest & Boobs
For the last 2 weeks I have been signed off work on bed rest due to sickness & a fainting spell. I’ve never fainted before & it was very scary. I immediately booked myself an emergency doctor’s appointment  as I’ve learnt during this pregnancy, that it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Thankfully my blood pressure was normal & the doctor explained that it may have just been a dip. However as I am still having bad morning sickness they decided it was best for me & the baby that I take some time to relax, which I thought was helping until two Sundays ago when I was rushed to A&E after an awful 2 hours of continuous sickness, which was not pleasant lol. The scariest part was not being able to feel baby kick. Little monkey is always very active in the evening & for those few hours I didn’t feel a thing, until we arrived at the hospital that is haha. I was given the all clear & sent home & monkey kicked me all night long just to keep me reassured.
Bed Rest and Boobs
Whilst we were at the hospital we had an exciting experience. Kirsty noticed a little stain on my top & when I looked down I realised that I was producing colostrum in my right breast. Knowing that my breast is producing already is such a relief. I want to be able to breast feed my baby more than anything.
During puberty my left breast didn’t develop, which meant I had a fully developed breast on my right but nothing on my left. I did have correctional surgery to increase the size when I was 16, however I have since suffered major complications & unfortunately the nerves in my left nipple have been damaged, which means that it would be too painful to feed baby on that side. I am determined to not let this stop me. I didn’t even think that my left breast would produce milk so have been thinking that we may need to top the baby’s feeds up with formula, until yesterday when I started producing from the left! Yay! This now means that I can express & use the milk for night feeds.
Although I have been having quite a tough time with morning sickness, I really love pregnancy. I love to see & feel baby’s movements. It now recognises mine & Kirsty’s voices, as when we’re talking it kicks a lot! Kirsty also has these little conversations with it every evening when she tells bubba about her day & baby loves to kick when she’s talking. I love these bonding moments we share & I can’t wait until baby is here & we get to have cuddles together.
I can’t believe I am coming to the end of the 2nd trimester; time seems to be going so quickly. I do get quite confused about the weeks lol. Some people say at 27 weeks I am now in the 3rd Trimester & some say I have another week. I’m not sure, so if anyone has the answer, please let me know lol.  

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  1. 2aussiemammas Reply

    Sorry to hear you’ve not been well but congrats on the leakage! That’s fantastic 🙂 well done.

    We decided to go with 27 weeks as the beginning of the third trimester but it really doesn’t matter, ’cause we’ll be at the end soon enough!

    Feel better x

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