Beko SteamXtra SmartStation Steam Generator Iron

The name of the iron might be a bit of a mouthful, but to be honest who cares when it is possibly one of the best irons I have ever used. I know it’s quite sad to get excited about an iron,  but when you own one that is just super great at the job it’s meant to do, then that’s a huge bonus.

When Beko got in touch to ask us to share our ironing hacks we did have to think long and hard about what we actually think saves time when ironing. We were so used to owning pretty shocking irons that to be honest we just liked to get it over with as soon as possible.

Beko steam station iron

The Beko SteamXtra Smartstation Steam Generator Iron has a clever little setting that makes sure you use the right temperature and steam for the fabric you are using which cuts down ironing time as there is no need to faff around twiddling dials or pressing buttons. The iron sits on a base with a switch lock which is fab when ironing around very active 5 year olds. We are safe in the knowledge that once it is back on the base the iron is secure on the ironing board so that even if it was knocked it wouldn’t burn M.

Steamxtra Beko

If that hasn’t already convinced you that the SteamXtra Smartstation iron is life changing, it can also handle your curtains and shirts on hangers with it’s vertical steam function. To be honest I never saw myself as a curtain ironer, but moving into a new home meant lots of new curtains which come folded in boxes. So to cut time we hung them and then steamed them rather than having to get the ironing board out for 4 sets of curtains.

beko iron steamxtra

If safety is your main concern when choosing an iron then you may love the auto shut off feature that turns it off if unused and lets you easily start it up again once you’re ready. I find I use this lots without thinking about it as I get easily distracted when ironing, especially if I’m watching a film whilst I iron.

beko lock switch

beko water tray steam iron

Beko SteamXtra Smartstation

Check out our video below for more features you can find in the Beko SteamXtra Smartstation. It’s possibly one of the most used small household items we have.

So here are our ironing tips, I’m no professional, but these are the tips I use to help me get the best from my iron and time spent ironing.

  • Invest in a decent ironing board that you can use at different heights. A while ago I hurt my back and luckily was able to iron sitting down without fear my iron board was going to take a dive with a hot iron on it.
  • Check the labels of the items you iron regularly, you may be surprised how many can be ironed at different temps and how many can’t even be ironed at all.
  • Empty the water from you Iron after each use, it prevents scum build up and keeps your iron working well.
  • Put on a good film whilst you iron, you get to catch up on a film whilst catching up on the weekly tasks.
  • Iron clothes inside out, this prevents you accidentally transferring any motifs on the garment, onto the face of your iron (nope…erm never done that before)

We were sent this SteamXtra Smartstation iron for the purpose of review, but we really do enjoy using it as it makes our lives so much easier.


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