Big Birthday Smiles

Last week I looked at our Me and Mine picture from last July. It was taken on Bournemouth pier on M’s 1st birthday and he looks quite moody due to teething and tiredness and everything that comes along with turning one. This year we wanted to take our Me and Mine picture on his birthday, so that we could compare the exact difference a year makes. It seems that a year makes a huge difference! Our little man is now not only bigger, cheekier, cuter and older, he has learned to smile on demand when the word “Cheese” is said. This meant we got to see some very big birthday smiles, which was great.


We’ll be sharing pictures from our day at Peppa Pig World, in a different post. But for now, these pictures are a peek into the fun, smile filled day we enjoyed. M enjoyed the rides at Paulton’s Park and LOVED all the attention he received. It was so nice to see how our little man is changing into such a lovely little boy.


Our family picture was taken right at the end of the day. Huge thanks to my mum for snapping it for us. M and I had just watched C ride the carasel with our family. M was a bit over all the rides by this point, but he was content to sit and wave at everyone as they passed by. We were so happy our family joined us on our day out. My mum, sister and niece joined us and also C’s mum, little brother, auntie and cousin were able to come too. We were able to split up and enjoy bigger rides whilst little ones enjoyed smaller rides, which made for such a fun day.



I’m already wondering where we will be stood for next year’s July picture. I hope the weather is just as good.

dear beautiful

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    All three photos are beautiful, he is such a happy smiley little man! I hope he had a very happy birthday! x

  2. Let's Talk Mommy Reply

    Ahhh Happy Birthday little man and what stunning family photos as always. Looks like the weather was absolutely perfect for such a special day. Your little boy is the cutest munchkin ever! So photogenic I wish my kids were like that they hate the camera. You must teach me your secrets. lol Looks like a lot of great memories were made and your family portraits just project happiness and love. So beautiful to see. #me&mine

  3. Stephs Two Girls Reply

    Brilliant, love those pics and it’s so nice to have the comparison a year on. We always have a fab time out at Paultons Park too 🙂 Happy Birthday! x

  4. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure Reply

    Happy birthday to M and what great photos. I really think he looks like both of you!

  5. mummydaddyme Reply

    Such happy photos of the three of you- and what a difference a year makes, I can still remember the first set of photos you did last year. He is gorgeous and I hope that he had a very happy 2nd birthday. x

  6. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought Reply

    What a gorgeous family photo. Sounds like it was a wonderful family day for you too. I love that you have big grins on demand, when my two hear the words ‘say cheese’ they deliberately look the other way!

  7. Lucy Reply

    Awwww, so glad it’s a birthday photo. It’s so nice to have photos from a specific date I think, think what an amazing time capsule that will be if you’re still doing a family photo on his birthday in 10 years time… Or 20!!! It looks like you had an amazing day, such beautiful photos of you all. It’s a great theme park for little ones isn’t it? The best we’ve visited for preschoolers I think. x

  8. Potty Mouthed Mum Reply

    Such gorgeous pictures of you all. Made me beam reading this post! x

  9. Lauren Reply

    That’s a beautiful photo of the 3 of you. And I love the seperate photos too. His personality really seems to shine through in your photos. I’m loving his new haircut, it really suits him.
    It sounds like he, well all of you, had such a wonderful day celebrating. I love that the whole family went, makes it extra special xx

  10. More Than Words Reply

    Happy birthday to your little cutie! As always, these family photos came out great. Oh, and Peppa Pig World?! I’m pretty sure Grace would prefer that over Disneyland!

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