Birth Story – Induction Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 of my Birth Story you can read it here.

The epidural was amazing! My pain stopped instantly and the midwife was able to put the hormone drip up high to really get my labour going. Even though I swore to myself that I wouldn’t have an epidural, it was the best decision of the whole pregnancy and I wish l had done it sooner.


I managed to get some sleep and due to fatigue and the shot of pethadine I pretty much had to rely on K to tell me what happened in those hours before the pushing started. All I remember is being prodded with ice cubes to make sure my epidural was working. As it turns out, one side of my body was completely asleep and the other was slightly awake so I had to lay on my left side to level it out, which when you can’t move your hips is no easy task. I also remember covering K and the midwife in projectile vomit (sorry if tmi). I had so many different chemicals running through me that my body just couldn’t handle it.


Day turned into night and at around 6/7pm I was told that I was 10cm dilated but not completely effaced yet but I could start pushing as soon as I felt the urge. That is when my epidural wad turned down and the uncontrollable urge to push rushed over me with a wave of pain!

My midwife kept telling me to stop pushing at one point because the monitor wasn’t registering a contraction but I could feel it, turns out the device had fallen slightly as the student midwife felt my tummy, which was contracting! When you need to push, you push!

After what seemed like an eternity of pushing I almost gave up. The baby’s head wasn’t moving and I was getting tired. I was a big cliche, crying my eyes out saying that I couldn’t do it anymore and asking for a C-Section.

At that point another midwife came into the room and started telling me off. She said that I was a woman and I will push the baby out, no question! She was amazing and exactly what I needed as it gave me a second wind and I started to push like mad. K was my rock throughout and reassured and encouraged me all the way through. I’m sure I did her some damage when pushing but she didn’t say a word about it.

Baby still wasn’t coming down as his head was swollen so they made the decision to help me deliver him with the aid of a ventouse. Once it was attached baby’s head was out within a matter of minutes and the midwives were left to deliver the rest of the body. Feeling the head was such an amazing experience and I started to break down into tears of joy that he was nearly here. It took a little longer than normal as his shoulder got stuck but soon he was on my chest and K announced to the room that he was a boy.

He was then rushed over to the incubator for some oxygen as he wasn’t breathing. K went with him and held his hand. Panic started to rush over me but before I knew it I could hear his tears and he was back in my arms. I couldn’t believe how beautiful he was and how much I loved him. Truly blessed.

As the shoulder got stuck I ended up with a 2nd degree tear so had to have some stitches. I passed Monkey over to K as gas and air was needed! She looked like a natural with him. It was finally over and our family had begun.



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