Birth Story – The Other View – Part 1

If you want to read C’s point of view of the Birth Story, you can read Part 1 here.

We’d finally been booked in for an induction and yet I was so worried they were going to change their minds as we’d been messed about so much.

I spent 40 mins in reception worrying that they were going to tell us they had no room and send us home.

Luckily it was meant to be and they had just been sorting a large private room. As we walked into the room, I had no idea we would be spending the next 3 days in there.


Everything started to move quickly, C was monitored and then had a pessary inserted into her cervix.

I started to accept that the moment I’d been dreading was nearing. I was going to see someone I love, in the most pain they’d ever endured.

Everything progressed and the moment where C’s waters were going to be broken arrived.

I had no idea the tool they used for this was pretty much a crochet needle. I also had no idea how many volumes of water would flood out. They just never seemed to stop. I had to chuckle when at some point a midwife was trying to help get C comfortable and ended up getting a shower.

Once the waters were flowing they decided C had to move to the next level. This required a drip, which contained a synthetic hormone. Once this was plugged in the pain began.

I was so impressed with how well C coped with the pain. I could tell each contraction was worse than the one before, but still she was managing without pain relief.

An endless amount on contractions passed before C decided it was time for the gas and air. This provided the next chuckle of the night. As C took a breath and tried to speak the gas lowered her voice. Us being big kids, we found it hilarious. The midwives I’m sure see it all the time and weren’t as amused.

The next few hours showed me a side of C I’d never seen before. She became this super woman in my eyes. I already knew judging by the pain she was in, I’d have begged for an epidural. But she stood at the side of her bed, sucking on her gas for over 11 hours.

I was so glad when the midwives gave me a recliner chair to take mini breaks in. Even though I wasn’t doing more than offering reassuring words or rubbing C’s back, I was shattered.

Night turned into morning and C was in a lot of pain. The midwives explained her uterus was being over stimulated and they had to keep the drip up high to help her dilate.

This was when she decided an epidural would be a good idea.

Just like flicking a switch, the pain seemed to go.

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  1. Kerry Reply

    As I said to C, can’t wait for the next instalment 🙂
    Hearing others’ birth stories a) makes me broody & b) makes me recall both my birth stories oh & c) makes me broody lol.
    But we are done, we have 2 gorgeous sons and our family is complete.
    I just can’t wait for my sister & her wife to make me an aunty 🙂

  2. Tee Mac Reply

    Just have to say, that picture of C is verrrry similar to a couple I have of J 🙂 Can’t wait to read more!

  3. Clara Reply

    That picture brings it all back. All that pain was completely worth it, and it’s true you forget about it as soon as the baby is born.

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