Birth Story – The Other View – Part 2

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Once C was relatively pain free, she managed to get a few hours sleep. I took this opportunity to go and get some food. I wasn’t feeling too hungry, but I knew C was going to need me in the next few hours so I thought it best to get some energy.

Midwives came and went as shifts changed and lunch breaks were taken. Each midwife came with different questions, “how had we found our donor?”, “how did we decided which of us was going to carry?”. It was nice that most were interested in our relationship and there was only one or two who were a bit wary. *The Who’s the mum? question wasn’t an issue until Monkey arrived*

After many internal examinations, trust me these never get easy to witness, they decided C was 9cm possibly 10cm but they were unsure.

It had seemed like weeks had passed since the induction began and I was just ready for the final stage to begin. C was really tired and I was concerned as I know that’s when problems with delivery occur.

Just as the midwives gathered at the foot of C’s bed for a change over briefing, she declared she needed to push. None of the midwives reacted. They just keep on talking about stats and dilation.

“She needs to push…”

They turned and looked at C and noticed she was definitely ready to push, but they weren’t sure she was fully dilated. After another lengthy examination they decided to let her push.

Straight away a rush of adrenaline hit me. This was it, I wasn’t far away from meeting our baby.

C started pushing at each contraction and with each contraction she grew more tired. We asked how long they would let her push before they intervened. They told us an
Hour and a half. Suddenly I was watching the clock.

This hour and a half came and went. After more examinations they said words you don’t want to hear.

“The head has a swelling on it and we need to assist, we will send for a Dr”

My heart started beating fast, swelling? Assist? I had to remain calm for C as it was important she remained calm. But inside I had butterflies the size of bricks.

C started to tire, the epidural was only on one side of her body and it was obvious she was in a lot of pain.

Whilst we waited for the Dr, she continued pushing. I had managed to station myself at the foot of the bed with C’s leg braced against me. With each push I coached C using encouraging words I’d heard midwives use on One Born Every minute.

Eventually the Dr arrived, after yet another examination, he opted for a ventouse delivery. A ventouse is where they attach a small suction cap to the baby’s head and pull.

I was allowed to stay at the foot of the bed and hold C’s leg whilst the Dr worked his magic.

Suddenly something appeared, it was unlike anything I’d ever seen. I was really worried something was terribly wrong. Time slowed down. Monkey was a bit stuck so the Dr had to re-position the suction cup. Eventually he declared the head was out.

It took me a minute before I could tell it was a head. My baby’s head was out. But still it didn’t look right. A student midwife took over and started to express that the shoulder was stuck. Stuck?! I held my breath. One short sharp yank and woooosh a whole lot of blood flooded out followed by the rest of Monkey.

Quick as a flash Monkey was on C’s tummy. We had already discussed I was the one to discover the sex, but they were all rushing over with towels and things and I had to tell them to let me in to see. A boy, we had a boy. I looked at C with tears in my eyes. We’d made a boy.

When I turned back he’d gone. Whisked away to the re-suss table. He wasn’t breathing. I turned to C, “I’m going to be with him, I love you”

Over I rushed, stroking him and calling his name. Seconds passed until he made the sweetest sound. His colour changed from deep purple to a pinkish purple.


Back we went to C and suddenly we were a family. We had our little boy after weeks of wondering and dreaming and fretting. We had an amazing beautiful boy.



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  1. WallyMummy Reply

    Really amazing to read from the other point of view xxx really amazing post and probably the newest newborn pic I’ve seen for a while! xxx

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