Birthday Segway adventure at Go Ape!

Birthday’s do not have to be boring the older you get. So many adults I know tell me that they don’t bother about birthdays anymore or that they just don’t excite them and it makes me sad. I love birthdays. I love celebrating my birthday, Clara’s birthday, M’s birthday and pretty much anyone else’s as I just love them. It is a celebration of your existence! Embrace it.

In fact I think I’ve had some of my most exciting birthday’s as an adult. I’ve had countless trips to London, an ace holiday at Center Parcs, snowboarding lessons and this year we decided to go on a Segway adventure at Go Ape!

go ape adventure

Neither Clara or I had been on a segway before, so we were quite excited at the idea of trying something new. Both of us love new experiences and enjoy creating memories we can look back on.

segway together

segway in the sun

(we just took a lot of selfies together because you can’t take photos whilst on a segway)

segway smiles

The guy running the session was great and went through everything we needed to know to set our minds at ease. I was excited to get going and only had a brief thought that maybe I wouldn’t be any good. But I felt like a natural once I was on the segway on the training route.


I was eager to get into the woods and increase my speed. So I was grateful that it didn’t take long until we were in the woods and turning off the training mode. The next 40ish minutes were spent zooming through various paths in the woods, splashing through puddles and avoiding dogs and walkers. I don’t think my smile left my face the whole time.

Clara had a very different experience and will write about that soon. But she did smile lots too.

go ape segway

I want to give Chris at GoApe a big thank you for being great company around the woods. I also made enquiries about how to make doing this a full time job!

segway complete

What adventure should we do next?


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  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    My kids keep going on about having a Segeway, I’ve seen a couple of posts before about doing this in the forest. I think this something I will have to look into. Like you I think I would enjoy it too, it would make a great family challenge when Monkey is older. I have a big birthday coming up this year but I’m not shying away from it, as you say it is a great reason to celebrate and I shall be doing just that. Keeping young at heart is important, bring on the big kids!

  2. Sonia Cave Reply

    I love birthdays too, especially the cake! It looks like you had an amazing time zipping around, and this is definitely something for when my trio are older #countrykidsfun

  3. rebecca beesley Reply

    What a unique idea to try Segway and lots of fun! #countrykids

  4. Louise George Reply

    I’ve never tried a Segway but they look like a lot of fun. It certainly sounds like you had a lot of fun on yours 🙂 #countrykids

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