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A couple of weeks ago I decided that I would start to share the geocaching adventures I enjoy with M. He’s been finding geocaches with me pretty much since he was able to smile. Although the first two years of his life he was mostly a bystander rather than an actual geocacher. But now my little man has over 100 finds to his geocaching name and can call him self one of many awesome geocaching kids we have in the world. On the 25th of every month I will be sharing what we have been up to whilst out searching for geocaches. Our adventures may not always take us to a find, but they will almost certainly provide us with lots of interesting fun.

This month we started to see lots of beautiful bluebells fill our local woods. So I took advantage of an afternoon off work, to take M on a bluebell wood series of several caches that took us round some secluded bluebell woods.

geo bluebell field

I hadn’t planned to visit this series on the particular afternoon we decided to do it, so I was unaware how long the route from the car park, round the caches and back was. It actually turned out to be several miles, but with some shoulder carries, distraction and energetic bursts, we were able to make it round after grabbing a few of the caches.

geo bluebells

geo high

Something that always amazes me when taking M geocaching is how well he can find them. He has great geocacher senses and quite often locates the cache before I can give him a clue. Our first find was magnetic and required me to hold back some brambles or bramberlies as M calls them. M loves to grab the cache from it’s original location, which can sometimes mean making it child friendly. I am looking forward to the day M is able to sign his own name on the log. But with the majority of the logs being quite small it requires dexterity to ensure your name doesn’t take up to much space. 

Our second cache was located quite high, in fact I was almost certain I would need to put M on my shoulders to reach it. But with his encouragement I was able to reach up and hand it to M. It’s really lovely how supportive our little man is. I like to think we are always encouraging him to push himself and it seems to brush off on him as I hear him telling me things I quite often tell me. “Go on Mama, just reach up, you can do it if you reach far long”. Putting the cache back was a bigger challenge, but with M offering words of support I got it back in the tree. 

geo camo

geo woods

Finding caches in a location such as the woods, is perfect for a child like M as he can explore without fear of coming to any harm. Urban caches can be really fun, but sometimes they are not the safest places for children to explore, especially near roads. When M is in the woods I know he can use his imagination and rush around in his own little world.

geo wood walk

geo find

Whilst exploring the woods we discovered evidence that other people had been using their imaginations to have fun, as there were many wooden dens littered throughout the open spaces. Dens are a magnet to M as he insists on exploring them and rating how well they would be to live in. I love to watch his little face as he wonders inside, as though taking part in a property viewing.

geo den

geo climbing

Halfway towards the third cache of the afternoon my phone died. This meant we were left to wander the bluebell woods with no idea where to head to locate the next two caches. After stomping through some muddy marshy paths we decided to head back to the car and try to find the caches on our next visit. We were quite pleased with what we had discovered and loved seeing so many beautiful bluebells.

I would love to read about your geocaching kids adventures. Leave me a comment below or tweet us.



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  1. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    Love love love, this is such a brilliant hobby for you to share but it also teaches him a great deal. I am so jealous we have yet to head to a Bluebell wood or find a cache, may make it our mission this weekend if the weather is right. It is such a fun treasure hunt xx

  2. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    What a beautiful woods for geocaching, and well done Monkey on being such an expert finder. It will be no time at all before he is writing his name in the log. Such a great way to enjoy the woods and beautiful photos. I hope you find your missing caches on a return visit, so annoying when the phone dies. thank you for joining me for #CountryKids

  3. Stephanie Reply

    I still haven’t done Geocaching with my kids, I think they would love it. I have been to see some lovely blue bell woods though this spring, they are so lovely.

  4. The Collage Queen Reply

    We love geocaching in our family so loved hearing about your adventures and seeing the photos. Did you know that you can get your own stamp for logging with?

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