Bournemouth Aquarium with friends

Quite often when we ask M where he would love to spend the day, his response is Bournemouth aquarium. It holds some lovely memories for us and is where we celebrated his 1st birthday. So the other weekend when M decided we simply had to visit Bournemouth aquarium to see the penguins, we got in touch with some friends and made plans to have a jolly good day out.

M couldn’t contain his excitement when we arrived and spent a good ten minutes telling us all to look at the fish on the ceilings and walls before realising we could walk though the main entrance to see real fish. The boys are the perfect age to take in the aquarium without needing to be lifted up to see into exhibits. The aquarium is small enough to get round several times in a day, yet offers lots to see and do on your way round.

bournemouth circle

bournemouth catfish

There have been a few additions since our last visit. The penguins are new and a great distraction when you’ve seen all the fish you can cope with. There is also a little indoor play area with seating you can eat your picnic at. Although I think this area is only available to the kiosk customers during the summer months, as this wasn’t open during our visit.

The crocodiles were M’s favourite, despite him being a little scared of them at first. After we reassured him the glass was ample protection from their snappy jaws, he was prepared to stand next to the display. 

Bournemouth aquarium

bournemouth neck

bournemouth glass

bournemouth map

bournemouth penguin

bournemouth penguin

Their are several feeding displays throughout the day which is a great way to learn more about the animals. We watching the penguins and turtles being fed and I quite enjoyed the facts we discovered. The boys grew bored after a while, but luckily there was always something to move on to.

bournemouth turtle eating

bournemouth turtle

bournemouth crocodile

The tunnel under the barrier reef section has to be my favourite part of Bournemouth aquarium as it allows you to see sharks, turtles and large fish all interacting in one space, much like you’d see in the wild, though there’d be a lot less people I’m sure. 

Being the mature parents we are, we couldn’t resist throwing our best poses for some snaps. I never knew my wife was so hip! 

Bournemouth tunnel

bournemouth tunnel moves

It was such a lovely day and a bit of a bargain too, if you book online before your visit. It’s located next to the beach, so on a good day you can combine it with a paddle in the sea. Despite the weather not being so great, we did get to run on the beach, which was a lovely end to the day. We are already looking forward to our next visit.

*Thanks to H for the super pic of me in the tunnel.

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