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When we discovered we were going to Camp Bestival, we put together a long festival packing list as it was a first ever festival. We spent ages researching and realised our little stroller that fits in the car when it’s rammed full of stuff, would not stand up to the hills and bumpy ground in a festival. The lovely people at Brandon Wagons got in touch and asked us if we’d like to be Brandon Wagons Ambassadors. We accepted their very kind offer and were so excited to await the arrival of their fab wagon.

The idea for Brandon Wagons came from a fellow mum, who decided her children deserved a different mode of transport when out and about as it made it fun and was also versatile. The wagon can hold up to 150kg , so once M grows up, he can pull us around town. There are so many uses for a wagon, it’s great when visiting the park, doing some gardening and even just popping to the shops.

Each wagon arrives in pieces and it took us about 40 minutes to build. To build it you’ll need a screwdriver and pliers and possibly someone to watch the children, so that they don’t run off with the screws. We’ve made a short video of us putting it together, which we will be sharing next week.


As soon as the wheels were on, M was climbing into it and saying “thas mine Mama, thas mine Mummy”. Which was great as we didn’t know how he’d take to it. He seems to have taken to it very well and really enjoys pulling it round the park.


The wheels are big tough wheels, that will have no trouble travelling over the ground at Camp Bestival or any other festivals. They are also easy to clean, with no big treads to get mud and stones stuck in. This was a huge plus, as the last thing you want after a festival is to pack up your car with a very muddy wagon.


The steering column works brilliantly and is easy to remove for popping in the boot. We drive a KA, so as you can imagine, our boot space just about holds a pair of welly boots and a rucksack, so we do have to put one of the back seats down to fit it in. But once this is done it fits well.



The wagon comfortably seats a couple of small children, M even managed to lie down in it, which is a bonus for napping whilst at a festival. We are planning to line the wagon with some blankets, but you could even create a custom made cushion for comfort.


M is able to climb in and out of the wagon with ease, which makes it easy for us as he can jump in whenever he likes. There is plenty of room for us to fit everything we need for our camping pitch on our long walk from the car and it feels so strong and safe.


Brandon Wagons retail at £65 + Postage and Packaging. Which is so much cheaper than the wagons we’d been looking at online. It’s totally worth every penny.

We are Brandon Wagons Ambassadors, but all views and opinions are our own.

Brandon Wagons are not for use as a toy.

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  1. Hannah - A New Addition Reply

    I’m a bit in love with it. I am starting to think more about taking the boys to festivals and this looks perfect to keep them both amused. J can sit in it and Ky can push. They would love that. Monkey looks like he is loving his! x

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