Breakfast on the beach

One of the great things about where we live is our ability to access the beach or the woods without too much hassle. We can be at the beach in half and hour and frequently took our dinners to the beach before our little man entered our lives. So when our friends messaged on Saturday evening and asked if we wanted to meet on Sunday for breakfast on the beach, we couldn’t refuse.

Breakfast mugs on the beach

Our friends do not do things by halves and came prepared with a bbq, gas stove, various breakfast foods and real mugs! To say we were impressed is an understatement. I think we need to plan a dinner at the beach next time! It was a misty start to the morning as we all huddled round the BBQ waiting for it to light. But within 15 minutes the sun had made an appearance and we were soon munching sausage sandwiches whilst drinking hot chocolate.

beach staring

Beach smiles and drinks

BBQ on the beach

After C pumped up the rugby ball, M and I had a little throw about before he grew bored and decided to explore the sand dunes with his little buddy. Sandbanks is such a nice clean beach perfect for little ones to play on without fear of rubbish or debris. It was also dog heaven as everyone who owned a pooch seemed to be on the beach. Like most beaches there are date restrictions on dogs on the beach, so I think many were making the most of being allowed to walk them along the sand.

beach games

beach rugby

beach catch

beach dune

beach drings

beach climbing dunes

beach climbing

Sitting on the sand, bacon sandwich in hand, sun shining above, really allowed me to feel blessed for living in such a gorgeous location. We may be struggling to find somewhere to move to right now, but at least we made the leap to a county we really love, 6 years ago.

Beach cereal

beach sausages

We have all decided that beach breakfasts are going to be more frequent during the Summer. It was the perfect way to start the day and round off the weekend. We highly recommend you giving them a go.

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  1. SlummySingleMummy Reply

    This is such a lovely idea. We live fairly close to some beaches too so will have to give it a go one day!

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