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Clara and I have been on a bit of a health kick for the last few months. We’re always looking for ways to get more fruit and veg into our diet and have increased the healthy meals we eat. M is a bit of a fussy eater at the moment, but really loves fruit, so when we were sent the Breville Blend Active to review we were happy that it was suitable for the whole family to get some goodness.


blend active breville


We were sent the Blend Active family size pack (RRP £40), which contained one blending unit, 2 x 600ml and 2 x 300 ml bottles. It’s really easy to assemble and is pretty much ready to go as soon as you get it out the box. After a quick wash of the bottles, we were making slushies, smoothies and milkshakes.

breville blend active


Like all busy families, we don’t have much time to clean down lots of kitchen equipment after each use. So you can imagine how great it was to discover that the only thing we needed to wash was the bottle and blending blades once used. The two larger bottles are plenty big enough to hold a filling breakfast smoothie or protein shake, whilst the smaller bottles are perfectly sized for M or a mini milkshake.

berry burst blend active


We’ve been busy coming up with recipes for tasty drinks to interest M and have realised that it’s also quite a good way to use up fruit that is on it’s way out in the fridge. Often we get left with an odd banana or some soft strawberries and the blend active is perfect for making use of these. I see us making lots of use of this on a hot summers day as the blend active is perfect at crushing up ice.



Clara was more of a fan of the berry based smoothies, whereas I liked the banana based creations. We’ve already added protein powder and chia seeds to our next food shop as we are keen to add some really healthy smoothies to our list. There really are an endless list of combinations you can attempt. You can make your creations really healthy or slightly naughty if you like. I’ve been busy finding alternatives for when I need a slight sweet kick during my healthy lifestyle change. A lovely treat was a banana chocolate smoothie made with skimmed milk, I was aware it was a little naughty, but was a much healthier version than a shop bought milkshake. I will certainly be making M homemade milkshakes from now on, no more shop bought ones full of sugar.

banana milkshake

milkshake breville

breville blend


We are able to prepare our fruit the night before, get it ready in the bottles so that we can whiz it up in the morning for breakfast. M is so good at eating fruit already, we’ve decided to come up with ways to hide veg in his smoothies/milkshakes. If you have any tips or tried and tested recipes, then let us know.



*We were sent this Breville Blend Active for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.

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