Breville Warburtons Toast to the Top

We have a little dude that eats a lot of toast and if like us you regularly make toast, you will be very familiar with the pop and flip required to toast a slice of bread to perfection. When Breville got in touch to tell us about their new Breville toaster designed in collaboration with Warburtons, we new we had to put it through it’s paces.

warburtons toaster


The premise behind the toaster was that it would finally produce a perfect slice of Warburtons toastie sliced bread. I was introduced to Warburtons many years ago when I lived up North and it’s true that many toaster has tried and failed to toast a slice without a pop and flip mid toast.

warburtons toaster bread


Now I am truly dedicated to any challenge offered to me, so many slices were toasted for the purpose of this review and I was sad to discover that it just didn’t toast every slice right up to the top, but it was still a really great toaster.

The toaster is mid range price at £34.99 and is available as a 4 slice toaster for the larger families, or for the extreme toast lover. It comes with defrost, reheat and mid-cycle cancel functions which are all really easy to operate and my favourite feature is the ability to lift the slice mid toast to check it, without cancelling the original toast once it has begun.

warburtons toast to the top


We’ve used it every single day without fail and it really does produce a lovely slice of toast. I don’t want to get too technical with you, but the outside toasts up nicely whilst the inside remains nice and fluffy, that is unless you whack it on a high setting and burn it, but this hasn’t happened to us so far.

warburton toaster down
warburtons toaster toasted to the top


We attempted to create cute faces in the toast for our little dude to laugh at, but he is a creature of habit and demanded his bovril spread “like you normally do Mama”. But never fear that is not Bovril above, that’s my favourite choc shot on toast, it tastes delicious, do give it a go!


*We were sent a Breville Toaster for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.

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