Bubbaroo – Joey Swag Bag Review

From the moment you find out you are expecting you start to worry, as any parent does. One of my own greatest fears for my child is the horrific SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or Cot Death. In some awful circumstances it can not be prevented, however there are ways in which we can protect our babies to lower the risk. A short while ago we were contacted by Bubbaroo, an Australian company who make a lovely range of sleeping bags called Joey Swag Bags and Joey Pouch Swaddling Bags.


One of the safe sleeping methods we use for Monkey is by putting him in a sleeping suit at nap times and bedtime, to prevent any covers or blankets from moving over his head.

We received the Joey Swag back in June in a 1.0 Tog for the summer, however, due to the gloriously hot summer we have just had we were unable to use the bag until mid August. We currently sleep in a converted loft, which gets very hot, even at night.

The Joey Swag is light weight and very soft inside. I love how it zips up at the front. M doesn’t like his feet trapped inside the bags so it was brilliant that it allows you to zip down from the top or up from the bottom. We leave a little gap for M’s feet to poke through. There is also a small hole at the back of the bag to allow you to use it in a car seat. This coming Monday we will be taking a long day trip so I’m sure it will come in very handy on the way home.


The bag is very wide, which will be brilliant when M is a bit bigger, lots of room to grow into, however there seems to be a lot of fabric at the moment. I don’t know how he does it but during the night M seems to wrap himself up like a cocoon which sometimes wakes him up.

The design of the bag is very simple, it is available in a variety of light, natural colours, you can find them on there website here.

Personally we love bright colours and funky designs and I would always be more inclined to purchase an item which is a bit different, however, the Bubbaroo’s are very smart and modern. They would be an excellent gift for a family member or friend who isn’t finding out the baby’s gender, like us.

I really like this bag, we have had no issues with it at all and Monkey seems to be quite comfortable. We rarely have any tears when putting it on. The other day he had a very late night watching the parade, so when it came to bedtime he grabbed hold of it as if to say “It’s Bedtime Mummy!”

The Bubbaroo Joey Swag come in a large variety of sizes, you can keep your little one protected right up until 6 years old –

0 (roughly 7lb) – 6 months

6 – 18 months – what we currently use.

18 – 36 months

3 – 6 years

The Joey Swag retails at £24.95 which I find is a little more than we would pay, however, when it comes to my child’s safety I would happily part with it.

*We received this product for the purpose of this review, all views and opinions are our own.

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