Bumbo Floor Seat – Review

When a close friend of ours gave us a Bumbo Floor Seat when M was born we were eager to use it.

We made sure we waited until Monkey could hold his head up sturdily before we placed him in the Bumbo. He looked so tiny sitting upright. I couldn’t resist snapping a picture to remember his first ever time in his Bumbo Floor Seat.


We found the Bumbo perfect for assisting M in sitting before he could sit up on his own. C was able to set M up in the Bumbo with his tray and some toys and he would happily play for however long it would take for C to make his lunch or give the living room a quick tidy.

The addition of the tray was fantastic as it allowed us to attach different suction toys to it to promote stimulation.


The Bumbo is the perfect seat for a baby who is unable to sit themselves up yet. It provides support and is lightweight enough to travel with. We took it on most journeys to my parents house when he was small. It allowed us to give him his own space to play without worrying. We knew he was well supported and safe.

When M was able to sit up on his own and eventually walk around we were concerned the Bumbo wouldn’t be used anymore.

But now M is 10 months old, it’s found a new home in the bathroom. M will sit happily in his Bumbo whilst we use the bathroom or have a quick wash. If he’s having a day where he doesn’t want to sit in it he spends ages pushing and moving it round the bathroom.


We will certainly be keeping it for our next baby.

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