Camp Bestival 2015 in Photos

So Camp Bestival was pretty epic and I took a lot of photos A LOT! I shared many on Instagram and various places on the internet, but keeping with the tradition we started last year, I wanted to share a photos post. So enjoy, if this is the first post of ours you are reading, I think it sums up our time at Camp Bestival very well. Make sure you go check out Sian and Fi, the lovely ladies in our photos and owners of the other small Β and not so small people in our shots.

cb monty crew 15


cb star

cb stagecb smiles2

cb smilescb mexican

cb makingcb love

cb lizzies waycb kids

cb heltercb friends2

CB friendscb breakfast

cb flagscb drinks

cb cuddlescb colour

cb castle


As official Camp Bestival bloggers, our family tickets were covered.

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  2. Mrs TeePot Reply

    Looks fabulous! My fave photo is the first one though, the group one, you all look like you’ve had the best time!

  3. mummydaddyme Reply

    It really does look so much fun and how lucky you were with the weather. I have never really thought about Camp Bestival before but it actually makes me want to go seeing all the photos this year. Although I would only want to go if it’s sunny. πŸ˜‰ x

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  5. Caro Davies Reply

    Aaah just going through your pics and feeling really, really nostalgic!! I can’t believe festival season is over for another year; CB was SO good wasn’t it??? These photos make me wish the summer wasn’t over!! Roll on next year eh? I can’t WAIT!

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