Camp Bestival – Food 2014

When we were invited to become Official Camp Bestival Bloggers, my first point of research was the on site food. M is a very fussy eater and I am a vegetarian with OCD about certain foods. I soon learned we had nothing to worry about, Camp Bestival wasn’t going to be full of the usual festival burger vans and donuts. Camp Bestival had a new feature this year, which was called the Feast Collective. The Feast Collective brought together independent chefs, street vendors, and creative food makers to inspire every type of tastebud.

We thought we’d share which food we sampled, which was our favourite and how M got on. Even if the Feast Collective wasn’t for you. There were plenty of food vans offering alternatives like chips and dip, Nandos and even toast and toasties. I would have been really surprised if we hadn’t have been able to find something we liked. We all have very different tastes and quite often bought our dinner from three different stalls, which suited us perfectly. We only wish we had longer to sample more delights. There’s always next year.



The corn on the cob is a must at Camp Bestival. We had seen someone sampling it last year, so sought out the van to taste our own and we weren’t disappointed. Reasonably priced, a choice of topping for you corn and a lovely fresh taste.



The Farmers Market tent, was a great addition to Camp Bestival. They offered salads, fresh bread, olives, cheese and the delicious strawberries pictured above. For a few pounds you could pick and mix some lovely fresh fruit and even add cream if you like. M is a huge fruit fan, so we ended up buying a couple of these and they were perfect to keep his energy levels up whilst providing him with a  healthy option.


Clara found these handy cheese sandwich lunch bags in the Kids Kitchen tent, during one of her hunts for suitable food for M. It was great to be able to offer him something familiar and came with plenty to fill a little tummy up until tea time. It was a little pricier than we would normally pay for a sandwich and crisps, but it also came with a small pot of fruit and some sweets (which we hid).



We are both pasta fans, so were really pleased to discover Annie Mae’s Mac n Cheese. We went for the Annie Mac pot, which is just a delicious filling pot of macaroni in a 3 cheese sauce. But you can pimp up your pots with bacon and other toppings. It was really tasty and was perfect to share.



M is a huge garlic bread fan, so we were excited to discover The Garlic Farm van, which sold EPIC garlic bread. It really was epic, only a couple of pounds and big enough for us all to share.


Along with Corn on the cob, Churros were another food item we said we definitely wanted whilst at Camp Bestival. There were a couple of stands offering churros, but Churros Amigos had the edge. For a few pounds you got 6 churros and a gorgeous pot of melted Belgium chocolate.


At dinner time, C decided to get a twisted naan from Rola Wala in the Feast Collective tent. She was in foodie heaven as she watched it be prepared. It was one of the higher food items we bought, but she assures me it was worth every penny.


I am a huge nachos fan, so I knew straight away what I wanted for dinner when I spotted the Flaming Cactus food van. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a burrito or Nachos, but I am pretty sure I made the right decision. The portion was huge and was enough to fill me up for the rest of the evening.




One of our little treats during Camp Bestival, was a trip to the Jam Jar Bar. We bought two gorgeous jam jar cocktails for £15 and sat opposite the castle, whilst M enjoyed the circus toys. It was nice to enjoy a beautifully created cocktail in such a lovely setting. If we had been minus M, I’m sure we might have sampled a few more on the menu. I really hope the Jam Jar Bar is there next year.
On Sunday night we went for something we could all share. So we selected a couple of our faves from the weekend and split them between the three of us. There was plenty for us to eat and it kept us going right up until bed time.

We were so impressed by all the food facilities on site. They were so clean and full of fresh food and didn’t give me any of my usual concerns when it comes to food vans at outdoors activities. We found plenty for M to eat and even managed to keep it healthy for the whole weekend. There are a couple of places we wished we’d got to to sample, but there is always next time.


*We are very kindly provided with a family pass to the event.

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  1. Annie, Fable & Folk Reply

    I am SO hungry reading this! I do love the selection of food at Camp Bestival, so much so that we left the camping stove and food at home this year – saved on the stuff to carry in to camp and meant we ate like Kings – win win!

  2. 76 sunflowers Reply

    What a scrummy post! The mac and cheese was a must for my kiddies this year as they fell in love with it last year – they both had an adult portion each! The feast collective was fab and my friend sampled the veggie stall whilst I went for a wrap from Biblos. The jam jar jar was gorgeous although we had an hour wait on the Friday night but like you the kids just played so were happy. Love your pics and looking forward to more from you 🙂

  3. sonya Reply

    My daughter was so enamoured of the jam jar cocktails (not that she got to try one!) that we are having to re-create the look for her 18th birthday this weekend! Syd loved both churros and the corn on the cob – the food is fab isn’t it!

  4. Fi Reply

    Yummy post lovelies! Can’t believe I missed the nachos – I LOVE nachos and they look fantastic in your pic!

    I was really pleased with the food choices. Fed up of festivals where the food is all burgers and chips and unhealthy options.

    We lived the farmers market – especially the fruit stall! I lost count of how many fruit mixes we bought!

  5. Ella Tabb Reply

    I really enjoyed the food. We had Annie Macs as well, I had mine topped with chills which was yum. I also indulged in the jam jar cocktails, the perfect birthday treat for me on the Sunday. It was lovely to see you both, and I must say your little boy is absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Life With Munchers Reply

    I really should have had my dinner before I read this post! That mac & cheese (drooooool). Glad to hear the food was up to scratch. There is nothing worse than attending events to then be limited by burger vans all weekend.

  7. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    I love this post. Best post I have read about Camp Bestival yet. Sounds daft but food was a big concern for me.
    I can’t wait to go just to try the corn and churros

  8. NadineHill Reply

    Oh the food, the food!!! Food was a big highlight for me this year… I loved Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen in the Feast Collective but I did feel like I was breathing fire afterwards! Great seeing you and Clara and the little one in the Piriton garden!!

  9. mummydaddyme Reply

    All that food looks amazing- the nachos especially. I adore Mexican food. Looks like you all had a blast at Camp Bestival, loved seeing your photos on instagram. x

  10. Donna Wishart Reply

    Your photos are just beautiful! It’s nice to see there was so much variety especially as you had M with you. I’m a huge fan of all the jam jars around at the moment, very quirky! x

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  12. Mama Syder Reply

    Gorgeous photo’s. Lovely selection of foods. Next year i think I’ll treat myself to one of those jam jar cocktails. There was a a great choice for veggies wasn’t there. Those Nacho’s look amazing! Really was such a pleasure to meet you all xxx

  13. Potty Mouthed Mum Reply

    I am so hungry right now! Mac cheese is my favourite food in the world!! Looks yum

  14. Lauren Reply

    Very rarely do food posts make my mouth water as much as this one did. Your photos are beautiful, and that macaroni cheese looks sooooo tasty.
    Wonderful post xx

  15. mygorgboys Reply

    Wowsers the food at CB was totally out of this world wasn’t it! You were spoilt for choice between the Feast Collective tent and the Farmers Market alone! And the Jam Jam cocktails – divine! x

  16. vicki brown Reply

    The food was a massive highlight for us too, was so impressed by pretty much everything on offer and loved everything we sampled!

  17. Mari Reply

    I did a food post too and I still didn’t cover so much stuff. next year I want to visit the jam Jar bar and try me some Churros 🙂

  18. helloitsgemma Reply

    Gorgeous photos, how hungry I am now. I think Camp Bestival does the best food. Love the variety and the quality – when you are there for 3 days, that stuff makes all the difference.

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