Camp Bestival – Food 2015

Last year the food at Camp Bestival was one of the most pleasant surprises ever. We’d always had a precoceived idea of what food at a festival would be like and as it turned out, we needn’t have worried at all. We share what we ate at Camp Bestival last year, so we thought we’d share what we ate this year too.

We were slightly more organised this year and planned ahead to reduce money spent on food. Prices are pretty standard across all food stalls, but this soon adds up. We took food to cover breakfasts and some lunches and snacks for the little dude. This meant we were able to enjoy a main meal in the evening and some treats and drinks. One of our best tips is take your own bottles for water as there are refill taps all over the site and also take a couple of larger fizzy pop bottles if you want a fizzy treat as the prices are a bit steep for a small bottle of pop.

Clara and I both have our favourites at Camp Bestival, which usually means we head off in different directions across the site, but this is the great thing about Camp Bestival, there really is something for everyone. Vegans, vegetarians and those who love a bit of meat, are all covered. Many of the stalls had signs about allergens and I even witnessed a conversation about wheat in hot chocolate to ease a worried parent’s mind. You don’t have to settle for a greasy burger or chips all weekend, everything from fruit, fish and chips and even sushi are on offer. The one stall I had my heart set on visiting was DJ BBQ, sadly he had sold out every evening I made a visit, but I’ll get their earlier next year.

So what did we eat?

Our first stop was exactly the same place we ate for the first time, last year. The Green Brownie offers a selection of brownies and hot or cold drinks. Clara and I shared a brownie and the little dude got one all to himself. There were smiles all round!

Camp Bestival - Brownie
camp bestival brownie

Corn on the cob was on Clara’s must eat list, so we made sure we made a couple of visits over the weekend. The Cotswold corn roast company serve up THE tastiest corn on the cobs with the option to add salt, chilli flakes or honey to suit your taste-buds. They are quite filling and a reasonable price, so if you like corn on the cob, make sure you stop by this stall.

camp bestival corn

Another favourite of ours are the churros from Churros Garcia. You £4 you get enough churros for 3 and a small pot of delicious chocolate. M enjoyed the chocolate on it’s own, so everyone’s a winner.

camp bestival churros

I am a huge nachos fan, so ended up sampling 3 different types of nachos over the weekend. Flaming Cactus will always be my go to for nachos at Camp Bestival. They serve up a really decent sized portion with salsa, guacamole and melted cheese for a good price. I also sampled their chili and nachos, which were really filling and delicious. The DeadGood Burrito Company‘s nachos were quite tasty and a good size, but sadly the cheese wasn’t melted, which deducts nacho points.


Because we go to Camp Bestival with friends, it’s always handy to have a regular meeting point to regroup when there are acts on you want to see. Our meeting point this year was in front of the Pasta and Pizza stand near the castle stage. The queue for this stall was always very long, which is a great sign. M shared a pizza with Sian’s girls one night and I also had it on good word from one of the girls that the pasta was awesome.

camp bestival pasta and pizza

Camp Bestival pasta

This year we camped in regular camping, not far from Smoky tentacles which served great cheese toasted sandwiches and I heart sausage which cooked up a mean sausage or bacon in a roll. Having these stalls close by allowed us to grab some food near the tent so we could enjoy in comfort.

camp bestival i heart susage

Camp Bestival - cheese
Camp Bestival - Sandwich

Finally if you need a drink after sampling this delicious feast, head to the Jam Jar bar for a jam jar cocktail.They aren’t cheap, but they are strong and delicious. I recommend the Garden of Eden, I won’t spoil it by telling you what’s in it (I may have forgotten), but it was so delicious and got me in the mood for dancing the night away.

camp bestival jam jar bar

If you went to Camp Bestival, do let me know what you sampled in the comments below.


Our tickets to Camp Bestival are covered by Camp Bestival themselves. All views are our own.

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  1. Michelle Ordever Reply

    I had planned to head to Anna Mae’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese on the Sunday as I have heard how amazeballs it is… but I got sick and we went home a day early 🙁 We sampled lots of different things during our weekend – the churros were delish, we shared some of those just before watching Kaiser Chiefs!

  2. 76 sunflowers Reply

    The corn and churros were so damn delicious!! I didn’t go to the jam jar bar this year but had one last year – so good! 🙂

  3. Donna Wishart Reply

    I remember your food post from last year and this one looks just as good, if not better. I love nachos too and they look incredible! x

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  5. Kara Reply

    Can’t believe we missed out on Churros this year but that Corn Roast stand was amazing!!

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