Camp Bestival – Heroes vs Superheros – Ad Gifted

This year as we packed for Camp Bestival, we decided to just go with the flow on arrival. We’d been gifted 2 adult and 1 child ticket, with a pitch in Camping Plus, so anticipated a much more relaxed stay than last year.

The weather heroes were certainly working their magic as we pulled into the car park. We’d packed much lighter than previous years and opted to donate to the charity taxi to help transport our kit to our pitch.

We had our Coleman tent (Gifted previously) up in record time, as we were desperate for a cold drink from our fab Coleman Ice box (Gifted last year) in some shade. Our pitch was a generous walk from the car park, but close to toilets/showers and the main arena. We were located near several bloggers we knew, and felt safe and secure in our pitch, as everyone around us was very friendly. My parents had booked their pitch almost a year before we were allocated ours, so it was surprising to discover we were only a few rows away from them, which mean M was able to run back and forth between the tents.

A huge bonus this year was flushing toilets, and sinks with soap and water. As a regular camper with the Scouts and our family, I am used to using just antibac and wipes, but it was very nice to have a little luxury for the weekend. There were also ample toilets, so I didn’t have to queue once for the Camping Plus toilets, all weekend.

Our Thursday is usually a quiet one, as in previous years the festival grounds weren’t fully open, but this year more of the site was available to explore. We enjoyed dinner at the tent and then a walk around the various food and stores open. An early night beckoned so that we could enjoy the rest of our weekend and as a lot of our fellow campers had chosen to arrive on Friday, Thursday night was quite quiet.

Two Mums Camp Bestival

Friday morning we were up at dressed quite quickly, thanks to our early night, so it meant we could start exploring the site in full. We agreed to keep to our relaxed approach to the weekend and stumbled across different activities and acts.

Highlights were a Superhero training workshop in the Bollywood tent, creating a rocket to be launched, Big Fish Little Fish on the Castle Stage, The World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle, The same sex family talk in the Literary Tent, by Kate from LesBeMums and Tom from The Unlikely Dad and M’s first ever silent disco.

It was quite late by the time we got to bed, so we slept in later than planned on Saturday, but it was a nice relaxed start to the day. Saturday is traditionally the day everyone dresses up for the theme of the festival. This year was Heroes vs Superheros, so M dressed as a Ninja and I dressed as Super Gay in honour of all the Heroes in the LGBTQ community that paved the path for my family.

Rainbow Camp Bestival

My niece accompanied us around the festival for the day, which was great as we got to see her experience lots of new things. Our highlights from Saturday were Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, The Insect Circus, Big Shaq, Vengaboys, Lewis Capaldi and a secret Bubble rave in the Lower kids garden after dark.

Greatest Tent on Earth Camp Bestival
Diablo Castle Stage Camp Bestival

Our Sunday started with us packing up the tent and lugging it back the car. We planned to head home after the fireworks in the evening, so wanted to make sure everything was packed and our pitch was empty before we set out for the day.

Pizza Camp Bestival
Clara Diabolo Camp Bestival
M Diablo Camp Bestival
Kirsty Diablo Camp Bestival

We headed into the site just after we’d eaten some lunch. Our Sunday highlights was M enjoying a Pizza making experience, Omid Djalili, Food from the Feast Collective, practicing our Diablo skills with our new diablos, Bombay Bicycle Club, Annie Mac, and the fantastic and somewhat emotional fireworks finale.

Feast Collective Camp Bestival
M ice lolly Camp Bestival
Castle Stage Camp Bestival
Rainbow Kirsty Camp Bestival
Clara Camp Bestival

We made it across the site and to the car park in record time, as we had the lure of a nice shower on our return home. It was unanimously agreed that we’d experienced our best Camp Bestival to date. The weather, the acts, the experiences, everything had combined to give us some fantastic memories.

Fireworks Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival 2020 Tickets are on sale now. Camp Bestival 2020 takes place July 30th – August 2nd.

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