Camp Bestival – Kids Activities

Now that Camp Bestival has announced they are setting sail next year, our thoughts have already turned to the kids activities we can expect. Camp Bestival is a fantastic family festival full of fun for everyone, which offers children the opportunity to experience new and exciting things each year.

We thought we’d share some of M’s favourite kids activities from this years’ Camp Bestival to give you an idea what to expect when you take your family in 2018. I thought I could just ramble on and attempt to put into words the things he experienced, but as they say, a picture is worth more than words. So please enjoy a rather large collection of kids activities M enjoyed this year at Camp Bestival.

Tickets for 2018 are on sale now, full details are at the bottom of this post.

Kids Hammock Camp Bestival

kids dream big camp bestival

kids climbing high

Kids camp bestival dancing

Kids camp bestival slide smiles

Kids big smiles

Kids Camp Bestival

Kids Camp Bestival felt

Kids crafting camp bestival rock stars

Kids mask crafting

kids love robot

kids sword making

Kids sword making smiles

kids bow making

Kids teaching how to bow

kids mud dancing

Kids mister maker

Kids Andy Camp Bestival

kids lizzies way

kids make a wish camp bestival

Kids Camp Bestival wish

Kids creation out of wood

Kids Craft Camp Bestival

Kids chickens

Kids climbing Camp Bestival

Kids camp bestival lizzies way

Kids camp bestival climbing


Adult Weekend Ticket – £180*
Student Weekend Ticket – £175*
Age 13 to 17 Weekend Ticket – £111.20*
Age 10 to 12 Weekend Ticket – £84.75*
Age 5 to 9 Weekend Ticket – £31.75*
Age 4 & Under Weekend Ticket – £10.60*
Babes In Arms (1 & Under) – FREE (but ticket required)*

*All weekend tickets include camping from Thursday
*Please refer to the Camp Bestival Ticket Terms & Conditions

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