Camping with a Soulpad 4000-ease

Last year at Camp Bestival our friends introduced us to a brand called Soulpad that made pretty awesome tents. After some research we discovered that Soulpad pride themselves in making and selling “canvas and cotton blend tents that are kind to your soul”. That’s a pretty great ethos to have, so we were incredibly excited when we were kindly loaned a Soulpad 4000-ease ( £430.00) to use during our stay at Camp Bestival.

soulpad tentThe Soulpad 4000-ease can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people, which meant we had plenty of space for our stay. We planned to take a double bed and child’s ready bed and were so happy to still have over half the tent available for storing our bags and a place to sit if it rained. The tent comes packaged in a lovely canvas bag with a separate bag for poles and one for pegs. The main tent bag is quite heavy, requiring two of us to lift in and out of our boot, but thankfully we had our Brandon Wagons to help us get our tent to our pitch once on site. soulpad tent2

soulpad tent breakfastFor ease of use we chose a Soulpad with a sewn in groundsheet. We were happy with this decision as it allowed us to put the tent up with ease. The groundsheet comes up the walls slightly to allow for protection from potential waterlogged festivals. From my experience as a Guide and camping with lose groundsheets, I would always choose a sewn in groundsheet. The tent also has a nice wide mouthed door with mosquito mesh and some handy windows to allow you to air the tent on warm days. The parts required to erect the tent are minimal, which means even someone who has never camped could put it up. Once the groundsheet is pegged, you then start to peg in the guy ropes before the main pole and a-frame are put in place. The instructions are easy to follow and there is even a few YouTube videos to follow if you really get stuck. Though you should have a few dry runs before the first time you take it away. inside soulpad tent

The majority of the tent can be erected by one person, only requiring an additional person when installing the inner pole (though after practice I imagine I could manage this on my own). I was impressed with how easy it was to put the tent up and had managed to unpack the tent, erect it and sit down for a rest, all before Clara and M had made one trip from the pitch to the car and back.

inside tent

The Soulpad 4000-ease kept us warm and dry throughout our stay and was incredibly roomy, allowing us to enjoy our camping experience far more than last year. Bell tents certainly seem to be very popular this year and we can see why. We have already added the Soulpad tent to our wishlist and hope to buy one to enjoy many camping holidays in, next year.

We were kindly loaned the Soulpad 4000-ease for our trip to Camp Bestival. For more information, please read our disclosure policy.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    We went camping every year growing up and wish we’d had a tent like this. It looks so easy compared to the ones we had with separate ground sheet, outer tent and inner tent! x

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