Capturing Colour – Blue moments.

For the last week 6 blogs and their authors/photographers have been capturing colours as part of a photography project, more to the point, one colour in particular. This weeks capturing colour was blue and boy have I enjoyed capturing it. Blue is my favourite colour, most of my wardrobe is blue, I once dyed my hair blue and it’s a colour that despite it’s association with sadness, it actually makes me really happy.

The sky displays itself in some beautiful shades of blue, the sea can be a sparkling blue, my son’s favourite toy is blue and my wife has the most beautiful bluey grey eyes. When I set out to start capturing I was initially overwhelmed with blue objects and sights to capture, except I had no camera and no phone on me. So I decided I was going to capture my colour naturally and not force it and I am so pleased with what I captured.

Our little man at the park/a rest on a bench/flowers on a walk/favourite toys








Don’t forget to go check out Real Housewife of Suffolk, Shutterflies, Maybush Studio, Sorry about the Mess and Circle of Pines to see what they’ve captured.

We’ve also been encouraging photography lovers to use the hashtag #capturingcolour over on Instagram. Below is a roundup of some of our favourites. We’d love you to join in with next weeks colour, so get snapping as much RED as possible and don’t forget the hashtag.


Top L-R/ 3yearsandhome/nyssapod/capturebylucy

Bottom L-R/ capturebylucy/staceyg_nobodysaiditwaseasy/cariemay


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  1. Clare Mansell Reply

    I wish my other half noticed the colour of my eyes like that! 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed this this week and looking forward to red next!

      • My Two Mums Reply

        We are using the hashtag Capturing Colour on Instagram. We would love everyone from all over the world to join in. I share a roundup each week.

  2. Capture by Lucy Reply

    Love this #! Do you know this morning I ran past a red old Land Rover and thought ooh I hope this week is red! I’ll be going back out to snap it later!! Thanks for featuring my images 🙂

  3. mummydaddyme Reply

    Love this idea, will definitely join in, do you just do it over on instagram?

  4. Lauren Reply

    Have really enjoyed this. Looking forward to the next 5 weeks too.
    I adore the photo of the flowers. Beautiful x

  5. Donna Wishart Reply

    Wow so much blue in ordinary things. I don’t think you really notice it unless you’re looking. Gorgeous photos, loving the blue! x

  6. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely Reply

    I’m loving this project. It’s making me see so much colour everything and is making my instagram feed so much brighter. Thanks for including my little cherub in your round up.

  7. Chloe Reply

    I love the diptych of M’s hands and then his feet – so cool!

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