Capturing Colour – The Grass is greener.

I am really enjoying our Capturing Colour photography project, so far we’ve captured blue and red and I’ve really enjoyed seeing what everyone is capturing over on Instagram. This week the colour we’ve been capturing is Green. We live in the countryside and are constantly surrounded by green. Snapping away at the landscape is one of my favourite pastimes, so it’s obvious that the countryside would feature heavily in this post.

We’ve recently been blessed with lovely warm, light evenings, which means trips to the park and walks around our local field. M has had fun climbing trees, running through long grass and discovering bugs in bushes. What I like about the countryside is the different types of greens you see. We watched the wind paint trails through a green grass field, gazed across luscious green pastures, soon to be prepared for seed and we enjoyed exploring among great big trees laden with gloriously green leaves.

I found it hard to reduce my photos to one easy to view post, I could have easily shared a big album. So here’s what I captured.

Wind through the field/C swinging/A beautiful view/Fun on the run/Exploring







Each week I share a roundup of photos from instagram that have been tagged with #capturingcolour. We’d love as many people as possible to join in. So get snapping and see where you can capture some colour. This week our colour is Purple, so get snapping and tagging.

Top L-R / innocentcharmer/tamingtwins/cariemay
Bottom L-R / littlelikelylads/mygoldenpear/3yearsandhome

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  1. Capture by Lucy Reply

    Lovely to share your favourites too – I literally stopped the car and jumped out when I saw a blanket of purple flowers over the pavement this morning! Love this colourful adventure project 🙂

  2. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    Aww thanks for picking my Pony. I thought I would find green easy but I really didn’t.
    I love your photos there are some real beauts. The one with C and M stunning.

  3. Saskia Gregory Reply

    This project sounds really interesting. How did it start? I’m seeing a lot of #capturingcolour in my feeds, I’d be interested to get involved xx

  4. Hayley Reply

    I forgot to add the badge! Useless!

    I’m so enjoying this project and seeing how we all capture colour differently. I have to say, I thought this week would be all trees!

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