Capturing Colour – Mellow Yellow

This week has been one of my favourite Capturing Colour weeks. Yellow is such a happy friendly colour which makes me smile, so seeing the hashtag on Instagram light up brightly has been fab. I have loved how more and more people join in each week. What started as an idea I had about looking for colour in life  to make me happy, has turned into a nice little community of people sharing the colour in their lives. We’ve been busy capturing blue, red, green and purple and now yellow for the last 5 weeks and it’s been so much fun.

I immediately started to find yellow in the flowers I saw everyday, but I wanted to challenge myself to find yellow in places I frequent a lot, but perhaps don’t always see it. This whole project was about capturing the colour we sometimes miss. The favourite bowl we use, the vase of flowers on the window sill or our next door neighbour’s door. We see them all the time, but do we really appreciate the colour they bring into our life. I surprised myself with how much yellow I haven’t noticed in the past.

The lift sign at M&S, roundabout at the park and watching C make a birthday card for M are all unexpected places I found yellow this month. If there’s one thing this photography project has done, it’s encouraged me to take more time to appreciate my surroundings. I felt I already did this, but there’s always room to improve.






It was so hard to choose my 6 favourite photos from the Capturing Colour hashtag. The inventive ways in which people are discovering colour is great.  In the end I went with ones which not only captured the brightness of yellow, they also made me smile and feel summery. If you are on instagram and love colour in your photos, use the hashtag #capturingcolour. Starting from today the next colour is Orange, so get snapping.


Top L-R cariemay/iamalisonperry/3yearsandhome Bottom L-R mummyadventure/cebennett/pippastoryofmum


Don’t forget to visit the rest of the Capturing Colour photographers, Real Housewife of Suffolk, Shutterflies, Capture By Lucy, Maybush Studio and Sorry about the Mess to see what they’ve captured.


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  1. Alison Perry Reply

    Oh yay! You picked my photo. I just discovered Capturing Colour last week and love it. I’ll try to join in each week now!

  2. Chloe Reply

    It’s been BRILLIANT how well capturing colour has been adopted on Instagram – well done for getting us all involved. Yellow has been my favourite week so far too, such a happy colour, and a very photogenic one!

  3. Clare Mansell Reply

    I love the lift photo, perfect! You also picked a couple of my favourites from IG. It’s been a good week!

  4. Lauren Reply

    I love the lift photo. It’s definitely my favourite.
    I think Orange will be an interesting one x

  5. Capture by Lucy Reply

    Pencil case for me! Love we chose a few the same!

  6. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure Reply

    Great pics 😉 Looking forward to orange

  7. pippa @storyofmum Reply

    Ooh thank you so much for sharing our flower – the kids and I have so enjoyed hunting for colour this last week for the first time, and I’ve loved having a focus for photos – it’s lovely to see the world in a different way just like you describe, thank you for the inspiration! Happy Days indeed!

  8. Cariemay Reply

    Oooh I’m glad you liked the yellow lines picture – I’m having so much fun spotting colours, and I love that you’ve been finding colours in unusual places!

  9. Katie @Mummydaddyme Reply

    Beautiful photos, yellow is my favourite colour by far. I need to join in with capturing colour but I always seem to have lots of photos of colourful things on the wrong week! Let me know what it is this week! x

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