Capturing Colour – Orange is the happiest colour

Frank Sinatra once said (or so the internet said) “Orange is the happiest colour”. I would have to agree with him. When we started this week of capturing colour, I was a bit worried I wouldn’t find much orange. When really, it’s been right in front of me almost every day. I found it on M’s favourite blanket, on his pajamas, in the park he laughs and giggles in and on one of his favourite t-shirts, we even found it as we enjoyed one of our happiest days this month.

Orange is a colour that, once you notice it, bursts right before your eyes. I now notice it wherever I go and it really makes me smile. I’ve really enjoyed this photography project. I thought I was quite good at spotting the colour around us but it also helped me to see the colours I was missing. So these are what I managed to capture.






Each week the creative snappers using the #capturingcolour hashtag over on instagram, has grown. I have found choosing my favourites to get harder and harder as more join in. So many creative shots and I get to choose just 6, when really you are all so awesome for finding so much colour. This week I spent so long choosing, but I am happy with my choices. Each capturing colour in their unique way.


Top L-R hayleyfromhome/tigerlillyquin/podcastdove Bottom L-R sitstillmonkeys/theenglishdad/3yearsandhome

This week rounds up the final weekly posts of capturing colour, but don’t be sad if you’ve enjoyed joining in, we are going to continue the hashtag on Instagram and share each week’s colour prompt here on our site. We also have some special feature ideas for you too. So keep an eye on our instagram feed to see what we have in store for August.

Don’t forget to visit the rest of the Capturing Colour photographers, Real Housewife of Suffolk, Shutterflies, Capture By Lucy, Maybush Studio and Sorry about the Mess to see what they’ve captured.


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  1. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely Reply

    I loved orange week too. It’s such a cheery colour (probably why it’s featured heavily in all the houses that I’ve lived in). But gold??!! What do I with gold? That’s a real challenge, this week.

  2. Alex Gladwin Reply

    ‘Orange is a colour that, once you notice it, bursts right before your eyes.’ <—– So true! There were some fantastic pictures for orange! x

  3. Jo Laybourn Reply

    Great photo’s of M and the colour orange! Thank you so much for including my photo. I feel very lucky to have captured it!

  4. Capture by Lucy Reply

    Yay! Love that we picked some of the same to feature! So wonderful seeing the internet painted with orange!

  5. Lauren Reply

    I’ve really enjoyed orange. I felt like the Instagram hashtag looked so bright and kind of retro x

  6. mummydaddyme Reply

    I do love Orange (not as much as yellow!) but it still is a fab colour. Gorgeous shots as always. x

  7. Charly Dove Reply

    Orange is such an awesome colour, I always love the brights! Those t-shirts are great and what a fabulous selection of orange, thank you so much for including me. Can’t believe I’ve only just found this project! Adore a good photo challenge x

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