Capturing Colour – Purple people eater

This post has absouletly nothing to do with a purple people eater, but I do love the song and have been busy capturing the colour purple this week. If you aren’t familiar with our photography project, we have been capturing colour for the last 4 weeks. We’ve already captured blue, red and green and now we’ve captured purple.

I honestly found it hard to capture any purple. If I had spent a significant time with my mum this week, it would have been easy. Her favourite colour is purple and she has a fantastic colourful wardrobe full of many different shades. But that would have been easy. Which is not why we started this photography project. We wanted something which challenged us to look at the world around us and spot the colour in places that we hadn’t noticed it before.

Last night we headed off to the park with M, I was a bit disheartened I hadn’t captured more than a few purple flowers but was happy to be heading to the park. As I started to climb the steps on the climbing frame I suddenly noticed they were purple and the frame was purple and the squiggles on the play hut were purple. It was like it was meant to be, I got my iPhone out and started capturing colour. Then as we walked home we spotted some great big lavender bushes and I got snapping again. Purple is a colour that will always remind me of my mum and I’m happy that it showed itself when I needed to find it.





What I love about these kind of projects, is the people that support them. We have encouraged people to join in on instagram and use the hashtag #capturingcolour on their colourful posts. It’s so great seeing everyone’s colourful shots. The next colour we will be capturing is yellow, so get snapping those bright and vibrant photos.



Top L-R mygoldenpear/tamingtwins/cariemay
Bottom L-R kykaree/elenabuil/littlelikelylads


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  1. Cariemay Reply

    The play park is definitely my first port of call if I think I can’t find a colour – not least because our roundabout is surrounded by big droplets of all the colours of the rainbow!!

  2. Lauren Reply

    The lavender photo is AMAZINGLY AMAZING!! What a great last minute find with the park equipment x

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