Catching up with friends

This year Clara and I promised ourselves we would spend more time catching up with friends. Since moving to Dorset we’ve found it harder and harder to catch up with those that live a few hours from us. We are lucky that the great thing about our close friends is our ability to pick up where we left off. So we’ve not been worried about drifting apart from our friends, but it’s always nice to make sure they know how much we enjoy seeing them.

On the wall with friends

Clara with friends

Clara decided to kick off our promise for spending time with friends this year, by inviting a friend she’s not seen in 2 years to join us at the beach.

The beach is the perfect place to catch up at. M was able to race around and climb sand dunes, Beau was happy chasing other dogs, leaving Clara and I time to catch up with her best friend. It also helped we had gorgeous weather, which was a bonus considering all the wet weather we’ve been experiencing.

Big smiles for friends

Walking to the sea friends

smiling in the sand friends

In the sand friends

M has had a huge confidence leap lately and is a 5 year old jumping bean. He never stops moving and has to leap, roll or cartwheel over everything. This was a great way for M to bond with Clara’s friend as they competed in a wall climbing competition and discussed climbing techniques. Though Clara’s friend did have the edge thanks to his 6 and a half foot height!

Sand dunes with friends

Up on the rocks friends

On the rocks with friends

Finding shells friends

Rock climbing friends

Beau beach friends

Beau friends beach

Friends on the beach

I’m looking forward to a year full of adventures with friends. For us and for M as hopefully he has some new friendships forming on the horizon thanks to some new activities he will be taking part in.

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