Before this year even began, I had christened it my year of change. I was determined to make changes in my life that I’d been procrastinating about. I wanted to end 2014 with a sense of achievement that I’d made the changes I set out to. 4 months in and I am still working on those changes. I’m feeling slightly more confident about a couple of the things I wished to change and have plans for the other items on my list.

But there’s someone in my life that I’m watching change far faster than I could imagine to. Our little man amazes me week by week. I only have to blink and he knows 5 more words and has grown a few more millimeters. In the last month he has learnt how to use the iPad, put Peppa Pig on YouTube and turn my Xbox on and put a DVD in. His capacity to learn is immense, it seems you only have to show him something a couple of times and he has it.

Last night we were playing a game on the iPad that required you to drag an item across the screen and into a monster’s mouth. At first he couldn’t quite master the concept of sliding his finger across the screen, but after watching us do it a couple of times, he was off. This has opened up an even bigger world of apps. We have a couple of number apps that require you to slide numbers in to place, which he can now manage.


M’s vocabulary is another area which amazes me each day. Before we go to bed I talk to him about his day, go over words he already knows and attempt to teach him a new word. The teaching of a new word has increased to multiple words. Both C and I take turns putting M to bed each night and I am always curious to hear which words she’s taught him the night before. Last night he learnt my favourite words. We’ve been trying to get him to say them for a while so I thought it was time to give it another shot.

When we teach M a new word, we like to put it into a sentence and break it down so he can understand it. These three words are words he hears all day, every day. So I was hopeful he was going to be able to say them. As I put my arm round him and pulled him close I asked “Can you say these words?”, he looked up at me as I said “I Love You”, he smiled and I repeated “I” he echoed back “I”, “love”….. a long pause then “looove”… I grinned as I said “You”.. then he followed with “You”. I may have wooped a bit and high fived. I am not sure he understood how happy it made me to hear those words. We practiced a bit more and then I rang C on her mobile, I didn’t want her to miss hearing such lovely words.

It’s so amazing that we get to teach someone new things. I love learning and am constantly looking at ways I can educate myself further and to be able to help someone else learn makes me so happy. We are always looking at ways to help our little man grow into the world around him, it seems he’s doing a pretty good job.

Which were your favourite words your little one learnt to say?

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  1. Super Busy Mum Reply

    How sweet is this post you guys. Little ones are like sponges, grasping new talents as quickly as we blink and they really so make us in total awe of them. Your little dude is just a peach and I reckon the whooping & high five was totally justified! 😉

  2. More Than Words Reply

    “I love you” are the sweetest words a mother can hear. M is just a doll. 🙂

  3. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure Reply

    These are still my favourite of Dylan’s words!

  4. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    They change so quickly at this age don’t they? It’s amazing really but I wish the time would slow down a little more. x

  5. Susanne Remic Reply

    Bella’s first word was ‘more’ and she signed it too. She is now stringing sentences together and we just started potty training today! Where does the time go?! x x

  6. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    It is crazy how quick they grow, Deacon went from not crawling to super speed in 2 days and Addison knows a new word every day.
    I shall never forget Addison’s 2nd word, it was Ok and she used it for everything x

  7. Lauren Reply

    The way they learn is amazing isn’t it? Especially with technology, that amazes me the most.
    I think hearing I love you is one of the best things to hear. Even if they say it wrong for a while (Harry said and sometimes still says Fuff foo) I also think it’s amazing how we don’t really have to explain to them what ‘I love you’ means, they just know x

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