Checking off our life list at Camp Bestival

Clara and I have recently been talking about our life lists since our moment seizing the day. We see life lists as our alternative to bucket lists. Where bucket lists focus on doing things before you die, we want to focus on doing things to help us celebrate living, hence the term “life list”. In my 29th year I had a things before I’m 3o list. I checked off quite a few, but was left with quite a bit I still wanted to do. One of the items on both our lists is attend a festival, neither Clara or I have ever attended a festival. When we moved to Dorset we drove past a sign to Camp Bestival, looked at each other and said “one day we’ll go to that festival”.

We are super excited to be sharing that we get to tick an item off our life list this month, as we will be attending Camp Bestival as Official Bloggers. Each year we’ve seen the fun people have been enjoying in a festival less than an hour from us, so we’re over the moon to finally be attending. M is the perfect age to enjoy it and it’s a great opportunity to introduce him to camping.



Camp Bestival takes place at Lulworth Castle, Dorset, between July 31-3rd August. Not only is the festival based in gorgeous surroundings, it also offers so much to do, that we’re not sure we’ll fit most of it in. We’re excited to be not only listening to singers and bands that we know and love, we also get to involve M in activities and music he can enjoy.

Last year we followed the adventures of Camp Bestival goers, enjoying walking through the Dingly Dell or making paper airplanes to break a Guinness World Record. We know that so many memories are going to be created and I can’t wait to photograph and vlog as much as possible.

We are also super excited about trying some new foods whilst we are there. We’ve been doing our research and discovered so many lovely things to taste during our weekend. Both C and I have very different taste buds, so it will be interesting to see what we find to be our favourites.

Each year Camp Bestival is themed and this year it’s been announced that the theme is the circus. C and I couldn’t be more pleased with this theme. Not many people will know, but C and I both have a bit of a soft spot for certain circus type hobbies. I love the Diabolo and C loves Poi. We’ve been practicing already, so if you’re going, you may be treated to a mini circus act.¬†We are trying to work out how to include M in our act.


Let us know in the comments below if you are going, or let us know what we should see and do whilst there.

*We are very kindly provided with a family pass to the event.


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