Child free trip

We love M more than we ever imagined you could love and we love spending as much time with him as possible. But we also enjoy couple time and the opportunity for a child free trip. The other day we got to travel to London to see The Book of Mormon and behave like tourists. Even though we’ve visited London together many times during our relationship, there is just something special about being there together.

There was no trying to squeeze a pushchair between the throbbing crowds of tourists in Picadilly Circus, or a mad hunt for a cafe with a clean baby change room. We were able to sit through the musical and hold hands like teenagers watching their first film together. We ran down steps in Trafalgar Square, without having to lift a pushchair down with us. For just one day we were able to concentrate on ourselves, the people who fell in love before they made their miracle.

We have any London memories in our relationship. We used to go to G-A-Y bar together on sunny days and then sit in Soho square with a couple of ciders, we walked around the streets in search for giant elephants, we’ve visited tourist attractions like London Dungeons, Ripleys and the Science Museum. London will always be somewhere we enjoy visiting as it takes us back to the early days of our love.


Our Me and You picture this month was taken in Trafalgar Square, it was sunny and beautiful. We look like proper tourists and I love it. Make sure you go check out the rest of the “Me and You” team over at Dear Beautiful, Ar-Blog and Tigerlilly Quin.

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  1. Lucy Reply

    Ahhh, I love this. We pop to London so much that I sometimes think we take it for granted, but it’s such an amazing city when you view it like a tourist. Sounds like you had an amazing trip, I love your touristy photo, and I’m jealous you saw Book of Mormon; it’s on my list. x

  2. LauraCYMFT Reply

    Sounds like an amazing day out. Hubby and I had a date day this month too. You love your kids unconditionally but it is so good to have some time just the two of you isn’t it?

  3. mummy madness Reply

    We have only been to London a few times together, my hubby who is from London is used to it but me I am a proper tourist (who likes to pretend they are not!) would make a lovely day out

  4. Shay Noble Reply

    Sounds like you had a brilliant time 🙂 We’re planning a day together (our 1st one since we got married last year!) next Friday and I’m looking forward to it so much. We all love our children unconditionally, but it is lovely to have some time as ‘just a couple’ again x

  5. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    Lovely photo of you both. We used to live in London and only live 45 minutes away on the fast train but hardly ever go anymore, we went on a touristy day when I was pregnant with LL and had a lovely time. We need to try and do the same again soon. x

  6. More Than Words Reply

    What a fun day! I’ve heard great things about The Book of Mormon. This post reminded me that the wife and I are long overdue for something like this!

  7. Becky Arber Reply

    As much as we all love our little ones these are the best, most needed trips of all! you both look lovely!

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