Today, my mum had to be sedated to have a tooth removed. She has a serious phobia of the dentist and has been known to kick the doctor whilst under sedation in the past.

When she walked in the door, I could tell she was in pain and just not her usual self. I got that familiar feeling I used to feel when I was a child and my mum was sick. I get really uneasy and very unsure what to do with myself. The entire routine of our household used to completely shut down and the house always seemed very dark. This time, there seemed to be something different.

Although we live with my parents, I do most of the cooking for K, Monkey and Myself.
However, tonight I had two other people relying on me. I became the one keeping the normal routine together.

When did the transition from reliant child to responsible adult happen?

Until today I didn’t even think I would have to take on my mothers role if something were to happen to her. I fully accept the role but its come as quite a shock.

It’s a surreal feeling that my mum, sees me as a mother.


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  1. Lauren Reply

    I hope your mum is ok and that the pain eases soon.
    My mum had to have two operations three years ago and it was really weird to see our roles reverse. It was really strange but quite nice for her to see me as a responsible adult x

  2. Carie Reply

    It is really surreal the first time you find yourself holding the reins of the family; but I suspect that our Mums felt like this in their turn and so on up the generations. I hope your Mum feels better soon – toothache is no fun at all.

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