Chillow – A Cool Nights Sleep – Review

I am forever waking up in the night and flipping my pillow over to find the cool side. I hate putting my head down onto a warm pillow and quite often go to bed with a cooling eye mask if suffering from sinusitis or a headache. When I heard about Chillow, a pillow you fill with water and slip inside your pillow case, I was a bit suspicious about whether it would work.


On first opening, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the instructions. The prep time required for the item to fully cool, does not allow for a sudden opening of the box at bedtime. Once the water is in, the item must sit for 4 hours on a level surface. I am a bit of a spontaneous person, so having to wait 4 hours for something to work, really tests my patience.


Once the item is cool and to be honest I was really surprised that it did feel quite cool, there are a few more instructions before you can slip the Chillow inside your pillow case and enjoy a cooler nights sleep. I am quite a fussy sleeper, so to be honest I did notice that what I was sleeping on was not as soft as my pillow. But it kept me cooler than usual and is something I can see myself using when I am suffering from a headache.


I wouldn’t go out and buy one of these at £27.50 as to be honest that costs more than both my Ikea pillows. But I could see someone buying it for a family member who suffers with hot flushes at night or migraines.

I can’t be certain it’s really made a huge difference to my nights sleep as our little man co-sleeps with us most nights, which warms up the bed. But I have felt cooler when drifting off to sleep.

I have always had my best nights sleeps, after winding down with a shower, cup of hot chocolate and a good book. I have a terrible habit of watching TV before bed, this always leads to a restless nights sleep. Doing something calming before bed is always going to be a winner.

If you wish to purchase a Chillow check out Bed and Mattress Stockists in the South West to find out where they are available. If you’re not local to us there is also a link to national stockists here.

*We were sent this item for review purposes, all views and opinions are our own.

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