Christmas at Coombe Mill

Ever since we met the lovely Fi from Coombe Mill, we knew that one day we’d make a visit to her beautiful farm set in Cornwall. Clara and I have fond memories of Cornwall as it’s the lovely county we visited for our honeymoon back in 2010. Plus, being an outdoor loving family Coombe Mill encapsulates everything we love about holidays. For the last few years we have tried to win Christmas at Coombe Mill and followed those who won with much joy at seeing how people fall in love with everything Fiona’s amazing farm has to offer. So when we discovered that Fiona was offering the chance to win Christmas at Coombe Mill once again, we decided we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enter.

So how do we enter? Fiona asks one important question, she would like to see,

what a Coombe Mill Christmas looks like in your mind.

We’ve given this a lot of thought and have spoken to our little dude about the Christmas he’d like to enjoy. Both Clara and I have fond memories of Christmas as children and want to make every Christmas special for our little man. Waking up on Christmas morning in a Coombe Mill cottage would certainly be special. So here’s what we imagine Christmas to be like at Coombe Mill.


Coombe Mill is several hours away from ours, by car. So we would spend the journey excitedly discussing the animals we would get to see, like pigs, chickens and even deer. Living in the countryside, we visit our fair share of farms, but there is something so inviting and friendly about Coombe Mill, that we just can’t wait to experience. Our little dude is particularly fond of pigs, so I imagine he will be super excited to see how they are.



On arrival we will do our best to make our little home for Christmas, look the part. Both Clara and I are quite traditional and love the spirit of Christmas. We imagine Coombe Mill to look incredibly Christmassy as we arrive, which will add to the excitement of Santa arriving.

After we’ve settled in and met Fiona and her husband, I imagine us to begin exploring the grounds. The fairy garden looks like somewhere our imaginations can come to life and I know our little man is interested in┬áseeing how many new bugs he can discover.


Our afternoon’s will be full of welly walks and hopefully an indoor BBQ. Every moment will be about creating the best memories we possibly can. Each evening as we put our little man to bed we’ll discuss his favourite things from the day and excitedly discuss the things we have planned when we wake.


Spending Christmas at Coombe Mill would be like no other Christmas we’ve experienced and to share that as a family would be amazing. We’ve put together a quick video to share what we’d look forward to most. Make sure you stay tuned right until the end to catch our little man singing for you.


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  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    I just had to watch the video again, your little man is such a star and I hope I get to meet him. I know you would love it here on the farm so best of luck to you all.

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