Christmas at Haynes Motor Museum

For the last three years we have taken our little man to the Tank Museum for Christmas. As he’s grown he’s shown more and more of an interest in cars, so my mum decided to treat us all to a trip for Christmas at Haynes Motor Museum.

Haynes Motor Museum love Christmas just as much as anyone and set up a Christmas Elf trail. On arrival we collected an activity sheet and searched for 14 Elves and their friends hidden around the Museum. The activity sheet is suitable for children of reading age, right up to adults. My niece was great at helping us find the clues and writing the answers in when M decided to make a getaway in a Little Tikes Car.

Haynes Sleigh

The museum has several ‘Photo opportunity’ points around the museum, which allows the children to interact with some of the items on display. This is a really nice touch as we all know how much kids love to get involved at museums. The outdoors area is fantastic, there are pound operated go karts, plenty of climbing vehicles and some pound operated diggers. There is even a soft play for the little ones to burn off their lunch.

Haynes Large car

We had such a lovely time looking at all the cars whilst spotting the elves. I have never been one for an interest in cars, but even I found myself reading all about them and admiring the super cars. Clara is a huge car fan, so she was very interested as we walked round.

Haynes Motor Museum run little trails throughout the year, M has been with his grandparents for both an Easter and Halloween trail, which he still talks about. It really is a lovely little museum to spend the afternoon at.

Haynes sleigh and family

Haynes with Nanna

Haynes family hug

One of the things I loved to watch most was M on the go karts. Ever since I first dreamed about having a child, I imagined them one day racing me on go karts or quad bikes and having great fun. So it was really lovely to see he’s started to develop a love of driving round the track.

haynes go kart

I’m quite looking forward to returning with M in the Summer. It’s been great this year, visiting lots of new places, seeing how much he has changed and how his imagination is progressing. I also love that we have captured all those memories along the way. He has so much to look back on.

haynes go kart racing

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