Christmas at Kingston Lacy – 2018

A couple of years ago we started the tradition of visiting a National Trust property at Christmas. Our favourite National Trust property is a local one, so we felt it wasn’t Christmas without a trip to Kingston Lacy.  We decided we also wanted to explore the beautiful illuminated gardens after dark. So we booked some House tickets for 5:30pm and planned to explore the gardens afterwards. 

Kingston Lacy House

On our arrival we could tell it was a popular day to visit as we struggled to find a place to park. It was a pretty cold evening, with 30 minutes to wait before our House visit, so we decided a Hot Chocolate was the best thing to keep us warm. 

Mummy and M Kingston Lacy
M and Mama Kingston Lacy

When 5:30pm came around we headed into the warm house to check out the Christmas trees decorated around the different rooms. The last few Christmases we have visited the rooms contained very similar activities and decorations, but this year it was very different. We missed the games that are usually set up in one of the main rooms, but enjoyed the Christmas dinner set up in the dining room. 

Stairs Tree Kingston Lacy
Table for Christmas Kingston Lacy
Christmas Dinner Kingston Lacy
Holly Kingston Lacy
Christmas Tree flowers Kingston Lacy
Christmas tree and M Kingston Lacy
Christmas Tree lights Kingston Lacy
M and the tree Kingston Lacy

The little dude wasn’t too happy to head back out into the cold, after exploring the house, but as soon as he saw the colourful lights in the gardens he skipped off towards them. 

Garden Lights Kingston Lacy
Garden Lights at Kingston Lacy
Illuminated gardens Kingston Lacy

The illuminated gardens were absolutely beautiful and a huge highlight for me. It was lovely to wander the woods in the darkness as the surrounding trees changed from blues to greens to reds. M enjoyed an interactive section of the lights that allowed him to take control of some illuminations. It was a lovely touch to the event. Kingston Lacy really know how to put on a Christmas event. 

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