Christmas Day 2016

Just over a month ago we were incredibly excited that our Christmas Day would be spent in our new home. We were able to begin our own traditions and purchase a brand new tree for our new living room. Everything just felt extra magical this year.

On Christmas Eve M left Father Christmas a couple of fairy cakes and a carrot for his reindeer, before falling asleep after many minutes of excited bouncing around the house. Clara and I popped M’s Christmas sack under the tree and headed to bed to let Santa arrive and work his magic.

As Christmas morning arrived I woke at half 6 to set my GoPros to record M’s reaction to seeing all Santa had left him and waited for M to wake up. Shortly after I climbed back into bed M was ready to discover his stocking on his bed and head downstairs.

Christmas Day 2016 Christmas tree

M was amazed when he opened the door to the living room. Because he was told Father Christmas just brings the one present from his list his misunderstood that he would be getting more from Clara and I. So he was super excited when he realised he got more than one present.

Christmas Day sacks

Father Christmas had delivered the exact present requested by M and this put the biggest smile on his face. I loved feeling the magic in the living room as he kept saying how great it was that Santa bought him what he wanted.

Christmas Day 2016 Santa present

Christmas Day blox

Christmas Day smiles

Christmas Day amazed

The next present that had to be opened and put on straight away was a fab pokemon onesie Clara had discovered online. M has pretty much kept it on everyday since Christmas Day.

Christmas Day 2016 pikachu

Christmas Day 2016 Nerf fight

Christmas Day 2016 Teksta

Christmas Day presents

Christmas Day pokemon smiles

After much present unwrapping and playing with toys, we got ready to head to Clara’s mum’s house to enjoy a Christmas dinner. On arrival M was excited to open even more presents and Clara and I were kindly given some rather fab gifts too.

Christmas Day heely present

Christmas Day pikachu boxing

Clara’s Mum is a great cook, so Christmas dinner was delicious and left us all with very happy tummies. As the day went on I started to feel very unwell which resulted in us going home and me laying in a bath for an hour and a half, spending the night hallucinating during a high fever and writing off Boxing Day. But Christmas Day had been quite magical and special and will always be quite memorable as the first Christmas Day in our new home.

Christmas day 2016 Dogs

Christmas Day table

Christmas day avenger hands

How did you spend Christmas Day?

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  1. Cariemay Reply

    Oh no I’m sorry you were unwell, and I hope you’re feeling better now. But apart from that it seems as if you started Christmases in the new house as you mean to go on!

  2. tamarsb Reply

    Oh how icky to end up poorly after a magical day!! So glad the day was lovely, though!

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