Christmas Eve at Corfe Castle

This year Clara and I decided to start a new Christmas Eve tradition. We have decided to spend each Christmas Eve somewhere we can explore and enjoy. With everything prepped and ready to go for Christmas Day we had no shops to visit on Christmas Eve, so we decided to visit Corfe Castle. With our brand new National Trust membership we saved on parking and entrance fee and spent our savings in the gorgeous little National trust tea room next to Corfe Castle.

Family at Corfe Castle

Clara and M both agreed to wear the Santa hats I had packed for our adventure, which made me very happy and also prompted many people passing to wish us Merry Christmas. It was quite a cool windy day, so the castle was pretty much empty when we arrived. We had the run of the ruins and enjoyed pretending we were preparing for Christmas within the castle.

Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle sun set

admiring the view corfe castle

Corfe Castle is the kind of historical place that offers different things as you grow. When we first took M a few years ago he was just happy to run around the castle grounds. This visit he wanted to know what information boards said and was interested in what the different rooms were.

adventure at Corfe Castle

Castle window Corfe Castle

Climbing steps at Corfe Castle

corfe castle brick ruins

The views from the top of the ruins are stunning. You get a full 360 view of some of the best views Dorset has to offer. It always makes me smile that we decided to move to such a beautiful county.

couple at Corfe Castle

cuddles at corfe castle

dancing at Corfe Castle

On the walk from the car park to the castle you find lots of little posts with various information tid bits on them. M’s favourite was the bit about the toilet waste running down the side of the hill into the river below (gross).

information at Corfe Castle

log walking at Corfe Castle

on the fence at Corfe Castle

Ruins at Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle offers different events based on the seasons and is somewhere we will be visiting much more now that we don’t have to pay to enter. M has expressed a desire to visit on a day they have knight training, so we will have to keep an eye on the events table to see if this is something they provide.

Santa at Corfe Castle

smiles at Corfe Castle

standing at Corfe Castle

stocks at Corfe Castle

View from Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle ruins

Walking to Corfe Castle

walking up to corfe castle

As we left the castle we were invited to the ticket office for some Christmas shortbread and mulled punch. It was lovely and rounded off our Christmas Eve trip to Corfe Castle nicely. I can’t wait to go back and explore again.

Did you do anything special on Christmas Eve?

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    What a great tradition to start – and it looks like the weather was good to you too. Such lovely photos. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas x

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