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I know it’s still November, but I’ll be honest we started watching Christmas films we love a few weeks ago. I am throwing a Polar Express party for my Beavers this year, so we decided to pop it on to get some inspiration and we have progressed onto other Christmas films each day.

Previously our little man wasn’t too fond of films. He doesn’t really like new things if he thinks about it, but if you just pop a film on and he gets into it he starts to like it. He’s very much like Clara in that if he likes a film he then watches it about ten million times before moving onto the next one. I was super keen to introduce him to new Christmas films we love and get him enjoying some cosy family film nights.

I’ve been searching our DVD collection and across the various streaming sites we use to find our favourites. I thought I would share some here, and where you can view them for those looking to get lost in a Christmas movie as the countdown to Christmas draws closer.

Polar Express£5.99, Amazon Video

We watch this every year. It’s a lovely story about a young boy who doesn’t believe in Father Christmas and the journey he takes to believe.

Arthur ChristmasFree with subscription to Netflix 

Father Christmas has a son called Arthur that wants to make sure every child gets a present on Christmas day. It’s a fab film with lots of giggle moments.

NativityFree with subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime

Our little dude only discovered this recently and loves it. The story of a primary school putting on a Nativity play suitable for Hollywood is full of laughs for kids.

ElfFree with subscription to Amazon Prime

This is the story of an Elf living at the North Pole whom discovers they aren’t really an Elf. So they set off on a comical quest to find their family in New York.

Miracle on 34th Street – Free with subscription to Netflix 

The one I enjoy watching is the remake of the classic 1947 film. It follows the story of Father Christmas proving he is the real deal!

Scrooged – Free with subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime

This is not one for the kids, but it’s one I watch every year. A modern day twist of the Christmas Carol story. Though it was made in the 80’s so it’s not incredibly modern anymore. Plus Billy Murray!

Muppets Christmas Carol£3.49 to rent on Amazon Video

This is one of my all time favourites ever since I was young. This is another take on the story of Scrooge, this time with lots of singing and muppets. I can pretty much quote the whole film.

It’s a wonderful life – Free with subscription to Amazon Prime

This is a classic that is possibly not going to keep M’s attention for long, though I recall watching it with my mum when I was young. It’s a lovely story about an angel helping a man by showing him what life would be like without him.

Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas  – £3.49 to rent on Amazon Video

The Grinch is the perfect film for someone who isn’t really feeling the spirit of Christmas. It follows The Grinch and his hate of all within Whoville.

Home Alone – £3.49 to rent on Amazon Video

Keven gets left home alone at Christmas. As his family head to Paris, Kevin is forced to booby trap his home to stop an attempted burglary.

Father Christmas

Santa Claus the Movie – £7.99, Amazon Video

This film looks incredibly dated now, but still contains a lovely message. It starts with the story of Father Christmas and flash forwards to the adventure of Patch and his corruption in New York.

Love Actually –  £5.49, Amazon Video

This is another annual tradition that helps me get in the Christmas mood. I usually put it on once the tree goes up in December. It’s such a lovely tale of intertwined lives that people either love or hate. I am a sucker for some over the top romance, especially the Christmas themed kind.

So that’s a few films to get you in the Christmas mood. Do let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed your favourite Christmas movie.

*Where you can view or rent/buy these films was updated November 2017, so is likely to change.
Feature Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash
Santa photo srikanta H. U on Unsplash

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