Christmas gifts for a geeky parent

There’re still a few days left to head to the shops to pick up a Christmas gift for the geeky parent in your life. I consider myself a geek in many different ways, so thought I would share some gift ideas in case you love a geek and wish to get them something great this year.

Without a doubt the first thing I always think of when it comes to stocking fillers is a Power bank, to power all the tech your geeky parent will be using over Christmas. This slim Romoss Power bank comes with a lightning adapter to charge your iPhone/iPad and a charger that fits my backup android phone. It’s compact size makes it perfect to take when travelling or on a day out geocaching, in fact I also think it would be perfect to take along to Camp Bestival to keep my phone topped up during the day.


The next gift idea is actually something we’ve bought for our little man to have in his room, but it would suit a geeky parent like me too. The Google Home Mini is a fab smart device guaranteed to make life easy for you. You can manage your calendar without having to scroll, ask how to say Merry Christmas in German, discover the height of the largest discovered dinosaur bones or simply use it to stream your favourite songs. We’ve had the Google Home for several months now and use it every single day. Once you’ve taken the step towards a Smart Home you really won’t go back.

Google Home Mini

The Geeky Chef Strikes Back is a fab cook book that lets you eat like a geek sharing foods from Minecraft, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Twin Peaks, and more. Each recipe is accompanied by simple step-by-step instructions and themed photography which make it easy to create your own geeky goodies. At £12.99 it’s not going to break the bank and is the kind of gift the giftee can enjoy when they invite themselves round to enjoy some Blade Runner inspired ‘White Dragon Noodles’.

geeky chef strikes back

If the Geeky Parent you are buying for is a lover of stationery, these little Adventure Log Notebooks from Pocket Notebooks would make a nice addition under the tree.  I love keeping a record of my latest adventures and these notebooks are perfect for that. Each page allows you to enter a Location, Date, and Conditions of your trip, with bonus spots for Companions and a large Notes section for anything extra.

Adventure Log Pocket notebook
Notebook photo credit – Nickie

I’m the kind of geeky parent that loves a gift I can play with with my son. So the Xtrem Bots Trooper Bot ticks a lot of boxes. I love robots and am really keen to pass that love onto M, which seems to be working at the moment as robot made it onto his Christmas wish list this year. The Trooper Bot comes with a USB charging cable that enables up to 2 hours of game play, a control to command the robots actions and safe missiles to shoot under command. It also has huge wow power as it looks like an epic robot that could take down even the baddest dinosaur toy in town.

Xtrem Bots

What would be on your geeky Parent Christmas wish list? If you’ve run out of time to get to the shops, Audible sell gift passes starting from a 3 month subscription. You don’t even have to leave the house to order it.

We were sent the Xtrem Bots and Powerbank for the purpose of this post.

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