Christmas Lights in London – 2014

Long before M arrived in our lives, Clara and I imagined ourselves taking our children on a trip to see the Christmas lights in London. We both had lovely memories of wandering down Oxford Street or round Covent Garden, taking in the sights and Smells of Christmas. Theses memories were something we wanted to be able to create for our children and so the annual trip to see the Christmas lights in London was planned for the final Sunday before Christmas.

m christmas

We had all discussed what we wanted to do during our trip. M wanted to ride either a big red bus or the tube and visit Hamley’s. Clara wanted a cupcake from Lola’s cupcakes in Selfridges and I wanted to capture as many images as I could, of all the festive fun in London. It took us roughly two and a half hours to drive into London and then a further 30 minutes to locate a suitable parking space, we ended up in an NCP car park, which if you are familiar with them, they cost about the same as a weeks shopping for us!

Due to ending up in a car park at Trafalgar Square, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to hop on a big red bus to Oxford Circus. This proved to be the best decision possible, M’s little face was a picture as we whizzed down the road. Once we arrived on Oxford Street we made a dash to Selfridges to check off Clara’s request. After entering Selfridges we had a scary ten minutes where M and I lost Clara. We’d decided to go off to the toilet, C went by lift and I took M on the escalator, except we forgot to confirm which level we were going to and I had C’s phone. Several floors later, a mad dash around a huge busy department store and suddenly we spotted C’s face and I breathed a sigh of relief.

london christmas

We all selected a little cupcake and ate it on our stroll to Regents Street to enter the craziness called Hamley’s. After waiting for a lift for 15 minutes, I decided to wait outside the store whilst C and M selected a little toy on the first floor. M appeared clutching a new train and off we headed to Covent Garden. We decided to walk via Leicester Square and were really glad we did. We spotted a lovely little Christmas market with a fab carousel. M wasn’t to keen to ride it at first, but by the second time it passed me he was laughing and waving.

london photos

It was starting to grow dark, so we continued our journey to Covent Garden where we had a nose around some of the little stores and snapped pictures of the Paddington and bus statues. M then decided it was hard work watching all the hustle and bustle and closed his eyes for a little nap. This suited us as it gave us a chance to pop in Paperchase and the Apple Store without interested little hands trying to pick everything up.

covent garden

Covent Garden has always held a special place in my heart. I have some great memories of watching amazing acts in the courtyard, or strolling through the market looking for things to spend my well earned money on. It’s a place that no matter how many times you visit, it still holds some of the magic you enjoyed the first time you visited, well for me it does.


Once M woke up we headed to Pizza Express for some dinner. By this point M had eaten more than he’d usually eat in a couple of days, due to how fussy he is. So we weren’t too worried when he barely ate his pizza. But he managed to wolf down some dough balls and a chocolate brownie (taking care of the food groups). I enjoyed a lovely carbonara pizza whilst C had her usual American.

After dinner we walked back to Trafalgar Square to introduce M to the lion statues, before heading to the car park. M is still talking about the lions and says it’s his favourite part of the day. I can’t wait to take him back to London, there are so many things I want him to experience. I think we need to start a London life list just for M.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    Oh it sounds like a wonderful day and a beautiful tradition. You must have been in London on one of the busiest days of the year but I bet the atmosphere was electric. Beautiful photos, I love Covent Garden too x

  2. mummydaddyme Reply

    Love all the photos and it looks like a gorgeously wonderful day. I love London at Christmas time but I am also not too good with crowds so I also get a bit nervous. x

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