Christmas Preparation Has Begun

This month has whizzed by in true grown up fashion. We've been so busy with the ups and downs within our life, that it seems we haven't really had a moment to spend time as a family. Our year was on a turn a few weeks ago when we found out C had a new job. The day she was due to start the Universe had other plans and unfortunatey the job was no more. But we didn't let this get us down and have started to look for other opportunities.

When we talked about an idea for our Me and Mine picture last month, we decided it needed some props. We knew we would be attending a Christmas family party on the last day of the month, so thought it would be appropriate if we all turned up in Christmas jumpers. One visit to Primarni, kitted us all out in hideous Christmas jumpers.

As we arrived at my sisters house, I popped up the tripod, dragged my gorgeous family outside into the cold and set the timer. The pictures aren't perfect, we all look cold, M is watching my family make faces in the conservatory and I couldn't get my shutter speed just so. But they are our family pictures for this month and for that reason, I love them.

You can't have a daft Christmas jumper shot without two daft Mums.



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  1. Lucy Reply

    Hahaha! These really made me smile. Love the jumpers and the fact that M looks kind of unimpressed where as you two look so cheesy and excited. Brilliant!

  2. mummydaddyme Reply

    Ha I love the last one of you two, that is cute! Gorgeous Christmas jumper photos, we looked for some Christmas jumpers to do the same but I couldn’t find any that were suitable so we opted for hats! x

  3. Corrette Reply

    Aww love them, we’ve just bought Xmas jumpers for myself, my wife & our little girl for her first Xmas day this year 🙂

  4. Double Trouble Reply

    Love these, we also wanted our this months photos to be in Christmas jumpers but it didn’t turn out that way. Love the last photo and M looks so adorable in his Christmas jumper

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